even if tesla's were actually the saving grace we wanted, it's still a shit car. like why connect a car and multiple vital systems to the internet

tl;dr guy couldn't unlock his tesla because the servers were down

lmfao holy shit some people are reporting their tesla home chargers and super charger stations were ALSO down because of this too

if i was building something unreliable into something important i would simply put in a backup failsafe so this doesn't happen. it would be easy for me.

@Maxine love when my car explodes because i have poor service on the highway


Designing a car that needs to be connected to the fucking internet is one of the stupidest goddamn things I've ever heard. How the hell was it passed to be made and assembled into an actual vehicle?

And some people bought it! i like the jackass in there going "only people who were logged out couldn't get into their cars"

like uhhhh buddy, people sometimes need to login again. whether cause they got a new device or had to reset it or maybe, you know, trying to fix the broken shit by logging out and back in again, something that seems like a pretty reasonable troubleshooting step.

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