cishet guys seem to have some massive fear that we're going to turn them into some cute gay catboy? like, we are, so what? are you going to fucking stop us? put on the cat ears

@jamescheese this post is aimed at you. we are coming for your blood

@Maxine being a cute gay catboy is fun tho?? like what r they worried about?

@horny @Maxine plus they're allowed to be a cute gay catgirl or a cute gay nyanby if they'd prefer? there are plenty of fun and good choices, what is their problem

@00dani @horny @Maxine
my kink is "helping ppl realize they can be queer if they want to" & also kitty ppl

@SeanAloysiusOBrien @EmptyLullaby @jamescheese the whole discord server plays ffxiv except cheese. he'll succumb to pressure eventually, i think

@Maxine oh? you're going to put a cat ears on me? you're going to dress me up in a frilly dress and make me clean your house? you think im gonn

@Maxine Sorry if I can't stop retooting this but (I hope) these are prophetic words

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