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I play a lot of ffxiv (I am on primal leviathan), here's my character sheet in case you want that since I know a lot of people on monads play ffxiv

im sorting the minecraft chests by colour again because this is the only objectively correct way to sort your minecraft chests

the riddler asked the question
the joker gave the answer
i'm just pissed

piss pisstopherofferson is


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the FC has me crafting all their tinctures and only plays me in milk and cookies

Wordle 215 3/6


an important thing about me s that i'm stunning. if you ever saw a photo of me you'd instantly cream your pants. this is why i post selfies sparingly, to keep the overall horny of this website at bearable levels.

@Maxine i would NEVER kinkshame. i want to be as far away from kinkshaming as possible. thast why im joining the radical non kinkshaming community on pleroma at

why'd they call it horsepower and not horse force

far be it from melissa to kinkshame 70% of the timeline

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