"Havana Syndrome" a.k.a.: subjective symptoms of cognitive dissonance from having to represent U.S. propaganda outside of its home turf in the face of actual reality

@Manurweibling honestly I think it probably just feels weird to be the bad guys. That's my theory.

@InternetEh oh you feel dizzy? disoriented? nauseated? me too dude, this country is nauseating as hell

@InternetEh I, too, get headaches when I think about U.S. foreign policy

@Manurweibling I think about my family members who work in oil & gas. They feel intensely weird about it. It has an effect to work for the benefit of evil

@Manurweibling when the propaganda machine goes at full force, they don't have time to check if the bullshit they put out is plausible or not

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