cool so a police raid on an adult video store just arrested eight men on Maryland's unconstitutional sodomy laws.

"indecent exposure" for consensual sex in a locked room

the sodomy laws are, sentence-final, unenforceable. it's terrifying they're getting used to raid private businesses which support safe, private cruising, and that police initiative could very well go on undeterred even though they'll have to drop the sodomy charges.

but the "indecent exposure" charge could stick with a homophobic judge. those men could be put on the sex offender registry for having consensual gay sex, alone in a locked room

In my city, the police were conducting stings on gay men's cruising spots as late as 2016. Most of the charges laid were for trespassing and nuisance. It's astounding the lengths cops will go to persecute queer people.

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