honestly I think the problem with validity affirmations is much subtler/less obvious in texts of the form "[X] are valid. [Y] are valid"

the clearest statement of The Problem With Validity Affirmations comes in posts with the very same X and Y which take the form "you're valid if…"

such an evocative three-word phrase. "you're valid, if…"

1) what the fuck is 'valid' and why should I care
2) why do I suddenly have the feeling it can be taken away from me

@Manurweibling i get bugged when it's used as a woke-sounding way to communicate the status quo, like I saw something on Instagram yesterday that was "it's valid to be hot and funny and smart" brb getting an oven mitt for that hot take

@tessaracked earlier I was talking about how "it's valid to never come out" makes me want to claw my skin off. find ANY other way to communicate with closeted people about their right to self-determination

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