catgirl ruins cat and seems to correlate with a pretty boring kind of girl. hot take

like sometimes I just wanna post about how much easier life would be if I was a cat instead of a human allergic to cats, but I'm always paranoid somebody's gonna reply like "be a good kitty and come get your headpats :3" or some other wack shit

personally I think the best things about cats are their retractable claws. a cat's softness is always conditional

a catgirl, meanwhile, seems to be someone who presumably must work a job and pay taxes like everybody else but is nonthreatening, has easily-met needs, and is immensely emotionally and sexually available

what does that fantasy have to do with either cat or girl


she's gotta have a human face or how will you know she's a pretty girl :3

she's gotta have human hair because short fur isn't cute and feminine :3

she's gotta be hairless in the torso or how will she be sexy feminine cute girl with curves (but no fluffy bulk around the waist) :3

just like cats, I am Allergic to the concepts of femininity and female-ness encoded in the figure of the catgirl

the catgirl is dramatically constraining of both cat and girl. the cat must use human language and do wage labor. the girl must not bite, scratch, hiss, kill, hide, or grow fur

@Manurweibling this is why i say im a catboy, as in im always in inconvenient places for the world at large, am a little bit dumb, and fuck like a goddamn machine

@aoife I just think all these sexy myths are hotter gender-reversed tbh

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