it's so interesting that people today will hear about the single-sex theory that was prevalent in Medieval European thought and laugh about it, as if that's such a silly idea

instead of, you know, being essentially the modern interpretation of the embryological evidence of sex differentiation in humans


the scrotum IS labia and vice versa. the clitoris IS a penis and vice versa. the prostate IS Skene's glands and vice versa. ovaries ARE testicles and vice versa.

said another way, there are scrotolabial folds which can develop into a fused or non-fused form, or even be incompletely fused. intermediate forms for the same organ which develops into both "the prostate" and "Skene's glands" exist. gonads have two primary adult morphs, but plenty of people's endocrine systems are "sex-intermediate"

@robotcarsley yeah, lots of people had weird ideas about various kinds of goo and conception. but, to be fair, "egg" and "sperm" are a) kinds of goo b) really weird and unintuitive ideas c) still frequently taught in a scientifically inaccurate way (the egg has an extremely active role in sperm guidance and sperm selection, and sperm are basically just little motorboats without steering systems; the idea that sperm 'compete' to get to the passive egg 'first' is just straight-up wrong)

My mother took a drug while pregnant with me, that she later found out could have changed my sex. Surely if that drug did change anybody's sex in utero, they would be sterile, but their gender would be either ambiguous or it would be a roll of the dice.

@space_cadet not guaranteed, re: the sterility! almost nobody finds out they have an intersex condition unless it

1. was a genital abnormality visible at birth;
2. resulted in a really bizarre puberty; or
3. are at an infertility clinic, trying to figure out why they can't conceive

so lots of intersex conditions have it 'on good authority' that having this condition makes you sterile, but if you have this condition and you AREN'T sterile… how would you ever find out?

talking about genitalia customization games again 

@Manurweibling this is what I think a good genitalia customization game covers. The sliders would be scrotum > labia etc

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