you ever think about how Autism Speaks is called that because they think an autistic person speaking up is intrinsically implausible? and then when we can and do speak up they say we're not REALLY autistic because we're "high-functioning enough" to disagree with them. motherfucker this ain't the goddamn Lorax and I'm not a fucking tree

you know, maybe if you were providing adequate communication accommodations for your nonverbal autistic offspring, they might not actually share all of your autism parent opinions

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@Manurweibling they also loooove person first language but… who is “speaking” here? Autism! Not autistic people, but autism itself. The very name of the organization betrays their misguided mission

@phred @Manurweibling having just watched a movie about Munchausen's by Proxy, I gotta say that the medicalization of ASD and the attitude that ASD people are perpetual children / un-self-sufficient puts a pit in my stomach.

When you put it this way, it feels eerily similar to the prolife grift. It all falls apart once things leave the conceptual realm, so they make you ignore that bit.

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