petition to grant Sam Deathstranding rights, or like agency, or autonomy

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"chiral allergy" literally just means "allergic to hands," was not expecting this game to focus so much on violation of the body

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"hey you're Sam Deathstranding. you have permanent handprints all over your body from a combination of dead people and also normal people touching you. you are, relatedly, afraid to be touched but people do it anyway. when you die you wake up in a strange place cuffed to a bed and somebody has collected samples of your 'fluids', no elaboration. there's a dead baby inside you and implanting memories that are possibly not yours? the technomagic and apocalypse both involve something consistently called 'chiral' which is to say, handsy. ghosts are handsy. anyway after being kidnapped by your dying mom and gaslit by a hologram, you were told to change out of your clothes before you see your mother"

me: ... this is the only stubbly white guy video game protagonist I have ever related to

"okay, so imagine that the umbilicus is basically just a handcuff. birth deferred is the sign and signal of death. growth, healing, nostalgia, loyalty, filial piety, compassion are all leashes around your wrists. everyone who touches or is touched touches and is touched by death, but *you* do not even have the freedom of death from your coercive relationship to the corrosion of time"

"hey Kojima, that all makes sense and is interesting but are you like, okay"

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everyone who ever talked about how bizarre and out-there Hideo Kojima's imagination is, anywhere I can read about it anyway, talked about it as if it was primarily funny or goofy or kitschy 😬

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major early rising-action spoiler for Death Stranding, vague 




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that cuff was LITERALLY put on him while he was unconscious and everyone's straight-facedly acting like Sam voluntarily entered a contract

chiral tech is LITERALLY gaslighting

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I kind of hate that the commentators to this let's play, their running joke about Sam Deathstranding is that he's a gamer incel allergic to the touch of gamer girls, which is imo homophobic if you add one and carry the two

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technically his mom DID become a BT because her creepy eldritch tendrils keep winding their way into his life from beyond the grave

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I can't tell if I would recommend Death Stranding/a Let's Play to @ox or if I would recommend he avoid it but either way it seems extremely relevant to him 😬

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Death Stranding let's play livetoot 

I'm gonna CW this from now on because this game is much more intense than I realized... anyway let! Sam! Deathstranding! have! rights!

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re: Death Stranding let's play livetoot 

I have to take so many breaks from this game. it's So Much

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me talking about how fucked up Sam Deathstranding is 

Sam Deathstranding is definitely gay and ace and might consider himself aromantic but my headcanon is that his relationship to romance would change drastically if he ever met a single person who respected his boundaries and didn't coerce him

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Death Stranding let's play livetoot 

@Manurweibling imo this is the whole reason that the gameplay is mostly so routine and repetitive. i think it's literally designed to give you a break in the storytelling to listen to the soundtrack and meditate on the story and philosophical themes. death stranding is the story of a working man pondering philosophy as he trudges thru the wilderness.

@Manurweibling people misrepresent Kojima all the time and it’s annoying. He puts humor in his games sometimes but 90% of it is pretty serious

@Manurweibling there’s a line in this game one of the characters says a few times that people think is corny but I love it and think it’s really powerful (mainly cause everyone in it is a really good actor)

kojima: *makes intensely political work peppered with magical realism and humor*

gamers: this is sOoOoOoOoOo zany lol!!

@dankwraith @Manurweibling To be charitable, there are names like Hot Coldman, and Die Hardman. :P

@diffractie @dankwraith I mean, that's true, and that's the main thing I've heard people say about Kojima's work, to the exclusion of things like "Death Stranding's depiction of familal abuse and trauma, gaslighting, the dehumanizing effect of constantly being watched, and violation of bodily autonomy is piercing and brutal"

@Manurweibling @diffractie when i played death stranding, and realized that no critics had even bothered to note the intense irony of the fact that the "private room" is where sam has his bodily fluids collected, is literally watched in the shower, and holograms constantly intrude without his permission to talk to him, that was when i truly gave up on games crit forever

@Manurweibling or wait actually no thats the last thing he needs unless he wants one, which according to this i highly doubt

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