it fuckin sucks that there don't seem to be non-medicalizing ways of getting people to take their problems seriously and attempt to build a better life around them instead of just assuming that the problems will or should one day go away on their own

like, including me. including myself. in order to address my problems and build a better way of life for myself, I have to adopt the medical, pathologizing, normative, hegemonic schema of my past, non-hypothetical abusers. I have to "manage my symptoms" and "cope with my mental illness" and "learn about my diagnosis."

this is not a madperson's framework. it is not a guide to mad liberation. already when I attempt to demedicalize this mode of ~self-improvement,~ I have still conceded medicine's individualizing frame.

but I am not the reason for my own madness. MOST madness is not, ultimately, caused by anything internal to the madperson, but by systemic violence. I know what forces drove me mad.

saneism, psychiatric abuse 

disability is a much more useful framework for reasoning about the distress of madpeople. the reason schizophrenics can't hold down a job isn't because of their 'symptoms,' it is because people refuse to tolerate the idiosyncracies of schizophrenia (medicated AND unmedicated, antipsychotics are famous for their intolerable side effects and a schizophrenic person on heavy antipsychotics behaves in obviously-strange ways)...

'professionalism' and the expectation customers have of uniform behaviors out of service employees both lead to firings of people who could easily continue working the job if others simply knew to respect their difference. this is the key insight of the unequaled effectiveness of social interventions into the occupational lives of schizophrenics

as for paranoia — what could possibly make you more paranoid than medical abuse, involuntary commitment, being poisoned by your meds, discrimination from all sides...? paranoia is mostly iatrogenic

@Manurweibling have you read foucault's madness and civilization by any chance

@dankwraith I've really gotta read Foucault, it's been too long, it's embarrassing now

@Manurweibling that's pretty wild imo, you've basically independently rediscovered major ideas of one of the greatest philosophers of the last century

@dankwraith that's very flattering but it's not totally independent!! people have been REFERENCING Foucault to me for ages, I'm sure I picked up a ton of stuff just as background noise.

@dankwraith ever since I read the first little bit of his History of Sexuality Volume 1 I've been like. fuck. shit. I've been reinventing the Foucauldian wheel

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