currently telling a straight boy the difference between personal property and private property


not kidding, pictured: me lecturing a straight boy about political economy on Grindr

one day two dudes who have talked to me are gonna hook up, open Grindr, gossip about me, and discover that I sent them nearly-identical messages about communism followed by long political conversations. and then I'm gonna end up on a watchlist

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@Manurweibling mads, as the head of your fan club and the chief of your adoring fans, i want to take this occasion to remind you that you are a hero, an icon, and a guiding light by which millions organize their lives

@RussellsBarbershopQuartet god, this adulation is making my skin look basically okay despite the dumb sleep deprivation stunt I just pulled

@Manurweibling are humans even really alive if i can't have MY OWN xbox?

@Manurweibling a) Solid as fuck
b) damn I hope you're wrong about the first point
c) You're doing important work, keep it up comrade!

@Manurweibling why is a straight boy on grindr is that a thing

F-slur, straight men on Grindr 

@witch yes, it is. some of them are looking for trans women exclusively. others are looking for trans women... or crossdressers/gender-variant men, or hairless men who are bottoms — guys, but only if they're faggy enough. some of them are looking for no-reciprocation head from anybody. it's complicated

@witch straight men-who-have-sex-with-men have had a presence in cruising communities basically forever. I won't say entirely without conflict and resentment, but it's just kind of a thing everyone accepts is happening

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