one way in which the Sims is way up on most other media with a made-up symbol for its in-Universe money is that they gave that currency an acual name. what's that symbol stand for? Simoleons. lookin' at you Pokémon

randomly capitalizing the word Universe is one of those little tells that gives away my sci-fi dork parentage

raise your children on Lois McMaster Bujold, scattered Heinlein, Arthur C. Clarke, Phillip K. Dick, and the Fuzzies

maybe don't, actually. Bujold is pretty good but there are parts of the Vorkosigan Saga that oughta wait until they're older

you: the Sun, the Earth, the Universe
me: [immediately] parent works in IT-lookin' ass bitch

@Manurweibling does it... not stand for Poke? Was that just an assumption i had since i was seven years old? Did you just ruin my childhood?

@evan I also assumed that but I'm not sure there is a canonical name. if it is it's not in the games

@evan huh. the symbol was invented for the English games, and the money was called the Pokémon Dollar, although where the hell that info came up I cannot recall

in Japan it's just the yen

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