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on the one hand I love it when y'all hype me up, on the other hand some people on here actually read books :blobsweats: stop telling the reafos (reading followers) I'm smart

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The Husbands Wa theory, "Wa is Wa Rio's family name, and Wa Luigi (né Luigi Gargiulo) took it when they got married," remains an instant hit with everyone who hears it

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here is my personal Bimbo Code of Conduct:

1. I Am A Woman Of Slut Experience :duckface:

2. I Have Been Through Some Shit :duckface:

3. I Am Always Spiritually Popping Bubblegum And Twirling My Hair :duckface:

4. Do Not Be Horny At Me :duckface:

5. Keep It Juicy :duckface:

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Introductions post (self-applied F-slur) 

I'm Mads "Byttyrs" Viande. She/her, I'm a 27yo white settler-colonizer in the U.S. occupation. I'm also a bi, trans madwoman and a faggot. I talk a lot about fantasy media, communism, madness/folly/oddity, and gender & sexuality from what you might call a "Grindr-subject," or perhaps "faggy," position. I also play a lot of children's blocks game Minecraft and bad 2011 open-world fantasy CRPG TES 5: Skyrim, for better or for worse. Don't take me so serious!

it would be fine, too, if I made straight women feel more comfortable being vocally Into Men rather than the default, which seems to be to allow straight men to wallow in not having any idea why anyone kisses them

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local butch is all hard lines, other local butch is all soft boi curves, we love it

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I'd like to think the sheer detailed intensity of my thing for men will, over time, drive a lot of girls into considering lesbian identity because it forces them to confront that on the scale of people who like men, they're statistical noise compared to my flagrant 10/10

horny nonsense, genitals 

simping for boy's on Horny Twitch again and I'm just thinking of how much I wanna gently nibble on foreskin

heterosexual is like "attractive girl made of soft curves. attractive boy made of hard lines" but soft boy curves?? soft boy lines???

uhh so Brian David Gilbert just dropped a short horror film on YouTube today, it's called "Earn $20K EVERY MONTH by being your own boss" and it's really good

it's, like, REALLY good, but,

content warning: identity horror, EXTREME unreality cues/derealization triggers including digital media degradation artifacts and unsettling shifts in narration

country boy bromoeroticism, bizarre description of a bull 

please observe the ones for this sound where a dude is talking about one of his male friends

Dream, from Minecraft, would recommend electrostim to anybody

don't 👏 call 👏 it 👏 empowering 👏 unless 👏 there 👏 is 👏 a 👏 verified 👏 rainbow 👏 body 👏 from 👏 it 👏

bussy uses its tusks to root about for truffles in the undergrowth

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I arrive at the TL. I examine the riff.

it smells musty. I post about bussy

i'd like to not see conversations with accounts that have me blocked

@witchfynder_finder i understand that not everyone wants to live in a magical galaxy of fairy lights like me (cw selfie)


trans people are well known for falling for the trick called 'language'

they're called "ancaps" cuz you are morally obligated to bust "an cap" in their asses whenever you encounter them 🔫

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