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new introductions post! I apply some slurs directly to (my own) forehead 

it's me, Mads "Legend" Viande. I'm 27, and I'm a genderqueer trans woman, by which I mean I'm a tranny and a faggot simultaneously. I'm gay, by which I mean bi, by which I mean attracted to gay people. sometimes I talk about communism or gender and sexuality but there's really no telling what I'm on about.

I default to not responding to follow requests anymore. please don't take this personally, or any other time I'm prickly or distant, because I will just block and mute you if you get frantic at me and I don't even know you.

but! I will almost always explain anything I say on request, be it a joke or just confusingly phrased.

I know I talk like I'm some kinda academic but I have never read a book in my life, and barring a short list of gay history books or, like, three essays by trans women, I don't know what you can read to better understand what I'm talking about. just talk to me about it! that's how I learn

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[sarcastic or pithy-ambiguous post in the CW] 

[clarifying statement in the post body that makes it less zing-y but also easier to interpret]

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on the one hand I love it when y'all hype me up, on the other hand some people on here actually read books :blobsweats: stop telling the reafos (reading followers) I'm smart

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The Husbands Wa theory, "Wa is Wa Rio's family name, and Wa Luigi (né Luigi Gargiulo) took it when they got married," remains an instant hit with everyone who hears it

F-slur, rhetoric 

I saw a woman of faggot experience say about Contrapoints "it's kind of sad that the New Big Voice in Transness is a white woman with a center part" and someone messaged her like "is it problematic to have a center part?" and she had to explain she was calling Natalie Wynn basic

which is really the saddest thing. don't make fags explain our little insinuations, it's like dissecting a flower

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F-slur, rhetoric 

fags LOVE ellipsis, ESPECIALLY when used either to express an aesthetic critique or when embedded in an explicit aesthetic critique in order to gesture at something else

it's me I'm fags

If you’ve liked my recent posts on white fragility and have any income, please consider donating to @ArtistMarciaX - my intellectualized articulation of antiblack racism on the fedi is their actual lived experience.

Subscribe to their art here:
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If you’re nonblack and you can’t donate, then you can’t. You don’t have to beat yourself up about it - that doesn’t help you or anyone else. But also don’t attack black people on the fedi for having needs or expressing emotions. Don’t make your limitations black people’s problem.

60 people favorited or boosted my post. If all those people donated €5 to Marcia’s GoFundMe, that would be €300. That would certainly be a start.

I'm a huge slut for a capella harmonies in any other genre but I don't listen to a capella itself because I don't feel comfortable encouraging that kind of lifestyle

gonzo stopped posting bars an hour ago but that's me favorite le1f lyric

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like, find my horse,
I'm feeling kinda headless
don't ask me how I been
'cause the answer is RELENTLESS

support group for guys whose gay marriages are under strain because their husbands hate their Funko Pops, disbanded when it becomes clear that letting the Funko Husbands talk to each other just entrenches the problems

everyone in the mainstream shits so hard on concepts like genderfluid and it's so crazy-making because like, OBVIOUSLY some people are gonna identify with these ways gender wraps itself around you when yr gender-variant lol. like people will straight up conceptualize you as vacillating between two genders, or as being shifting in gender, often for the purpose of doing transphobia to you — and then scoff when you call yourself those things. "you can't be GENDERFLUID, that's ridiculous!"

meanwhile I'm out here getting coercively assigned genderfluid at Arby's like, okay ma'am, settle down! what ELSE are we meant to call these phenomena that happen in various ways to everybody who transgresses gender? like 'genderfluid' is just a really apt label for a common way that people will really balatantly treat you under lots of circumstances, and if that's what you're most comfortable with then of course that's gonna become part of your self-concept

@Manurweibling from my thirdhand accounts i think the appeal is that he is a useless twink

what would Foucault say about the proliferation of incel-theoretic genders

@Manurweibling my understanding is that people who are the right age for the Color of Magic books when they read them get an impression left on them, and people who dont get around to discworld until adulthood are stuck with mort and guards guards or something

I think I have maybe read all but three of the Discworld books, but if I've missed any others they're probably Rincewind stories because all he ever does is be hapless

isn't he a fucking wizard. does he ever cast spell

I haven't gotten that far in Golden Kamooy but I imagine that this is also the sniper's whole deal.

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undergoing himbofication when my eyes glaze over at ppl discussing what monads are

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anyway Dank let me read what they're working on for MoonWorks and their big-picture documentation is always delightful to read

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have you ever written a technical document intended for some range of pre-existing knowledge/skill, and wondered "what would a complete nincompoop, an utter clod make of this document? if only I knew a dumbass who was very good at explaining where her two brain cells rubbed together too much and caught fire"

look no further, I am the clown you seek

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