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The enemies-to-lovers novelette that close to 500 of you have read has just received (probably) its last revision!

Kiss With a Fist is now 12k words, and includes:

  • punching
  • restaurant workers
  • smoke breaks gone wild
  • role reversal
  • a couple of real dumbasses
  • tender aftercare
  • text message epistolary segments
  • engaging dialog and narrative voices
  • glasses

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guy comes in from an alleyway wiping blood from his mouth. "dude, are you okay?" you ask with alarm.

"it's not my blood," he growls, and keeps moving.

guy comes in from the same alleyway with a goofy smile, bleeding from a cut on his lip

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"I'm thinking about downloading Grindr." cool! here's a quick glossary and cultural crashcourse 

Grindr is a cruising medium. Its primary function is to find someone to hook up with this evening or even this hour. You are going to get unsolicited dickpics, likely even if you select "no NSFW pictures" in your profile.

That said, you can use it for conversation and for dating, but those are secondary functions.

"Looking" means looking for sex. The more immediate your timeframe, the more looking you are.

"Fun" means sex. "Play" means "have sex."

"Party" means "do drugs." capiTal Ts means Tina, as in "Kristina," as in "crystal meth."

"No hangups" usually means "no racial preferences."

"DL," or "down-low," means maintaining a public life as straight. "Discreet" is an adjacent term. Typically, DL or discreet men will not put face pics on their profiles and may refuse to send them privately as well.

"TS": transsexual
"TG": transgender
"TV": transvestite
"CD": cross-dresser

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everything I say is medical advice, legal counsel, professional psychotherapy, and religious guidance

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new introductions post! I apply some slurs directly to (my own) forehead 

it's me, Mads "Legend" Viande. I'm 27, and I'm a genderqueer trans woman, by which I mean I'm a tranny and a faggot simultaneously. I'm gay, by which I mean bi, by which I mean attracted to gay people. sometimes I talk about communism or gender and sexuality but there's really no telling what I'm on about.

I default to not responding to follow requests anymore. please don't take this personally, or any other time I'm prickly or distant, because I will just block and mute you if you get frantic at me and I don't even know you.

but! I will almost always explain anything I say on request, be it a joke or just confusingly phrased.

I know I talk like I'm some kinda academic but I have never read a book in my life, and barring a short list of gay history books or, like, three essays by trans women, I don't know what you can read to better understand what I'm talking about. just talk to me about it! that's how I learn

fuck, no, stay back, stay back! stay away from me! one of those uwu bitches bit me with his widdle teefs :3c

the problem to me about writing for the theater is that inevitably someone in the audience is going to be at least one of cisgender, heterosexual, or sane

i am honking off in the jo circle all the time, and the name of the circle is ideology

Just realized i have no memes in english as of late so i'm posting the spanish ones ova here

the european leftists on here will say this is just me being an ignorant american and class unconscious for attacking the danes

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RIP in peace George Orwell you wouldve killed it on BreadTube

I am simply silently drawing my guisarme-voulge and readying my killing blow on teleology

the use of "not now" as a general text field for buttons that used to say "cancel" or "dismiss" is some serious psychological warfare

please welcome @byttyrs to the instance as you would a friend, a lover, or a bosom enemy

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I hit 60k toots… it might be time to make and migrate to @ byttyrs @

if any of you ever bofa me, I will leave a silent fave, as (since you cannot see my face) I cannot smile very slightly and turn away

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