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"I'm thinking about downloading Grindr." cool! here's a quick glossary and cultural crashcourse 

Grindr is a cruising medium. Its primary function is to find someone to hook up with this evening or even this hour. You are going to get unsolicited dickpics, likely even if you select "no NSFW pictures" in your profile.

That said, you can use it for conversation and for dating, but those are secondary functions.

"Looking" means looking for sex. The more immediate your timeframe, the more looking you are.

"Fun" means sex. "Play" means "have sex."

"Party" means "do drugs." capiTal Ts means Tina, as in "Kristina," as in "crystal meth."

"No hangups" usually means "no racial preferences."

"DL," or "down-low," means maintaining a public life as straight. "Discreet" is an adjacent term. Typically, DL or discreet men will not put face pics on their profiles and may refuse to send them privately as well.

"TS": transsexual
"TG": transgender
"TV": transvestite
"CD": cross-dresser

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everything I say is medical advice, legal counsel, professional psychotherapy, and religious guidance

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new introductions post! I apply some slurs directly to (my own) forehead 

it's me, Mads "Legend" Viande. I'm 27, and I'm a genderqueer trans woman, by which I mean I'm a tranny and a faggot simultaneously. I'm gay, by which I mean bi, by which I mean attracted to gay people. sometimes I talk about communism or gender and sexuality but there's really no telling what I'm on about.

I default to not responding to follow requests anymore. please don't take this personally, or any other time I'm prickly or distant, because I will just block and mute you if you get frantic at me and I don't even know you.

but! I will almost always explain anything I say on request, be it a joke or just confusingly phrased.

I know I talk like I'm some kinda academic but I have never read a book in my life, and barring a short list of gay history books or, like, three essays by trans women, I don't know what you can read to better understand what I'm talking about. just talk to me about it! that's how I learn

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The Husbands Wa theory, "Wa is Wa Rio's family name, and Wa Luigi (né Luigi Gargiulo) took it when they got married," remains an instant hit with everyone who hears it

@Manurweibling the combination of real and emoji hands is whats doing it for me

@Manurweibling literally the reason I'm rebranding is bc my crush wanted me to send them the russian epic post & I was like "ok I wanna make a good impression so the alex the lion kinnie bit is going in the trash"

its 2100, annas racist dog has gotten an account on

this is Julles' first rebrand bit in awhile that really has that smell of brimstone about it

so I'm asking it. why ARE short men so scrumptious? who told them they could be so stunning?

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everybody asks "why do you like short men" but nobody asks "why are short men so sexy and cute and handsome"

mortage payments: tax deductible

rent payments: not tax deductible


can someone who is good at economics tell me what purpose this serves?

men are like "if I throw a tantrum in public like a child surely she will be intimidated" and then I feel nothing but contempt. have fun with that I guess

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one time the subject of marriage came up at a party and I said that divorce was a good result of bad marriages and the solution to the divorce rate is fewer marriages, and a Marine I had never met before literally puffed up and stared me down like an aggressive dog because (as I later found out) he was abusing his wife and assumed I (a stranger to him) was talking about his marriage

fucked up and frankly queerphobic how in New Vegas if you put on a dress as a male character it just appears as a suit

im just a small mom & pop landlord trying to make my way in america

here let me buy some extremely expensive property right next to a college and charge rich white kids assloads of money for rent

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it would be funny if every landlord died

weirder earth apparently doesn't like when people make jokes about landlords dying at the hands of Mao. i personally think its epic when landlords are killed

we're going to revive Stalin and possibly graft a minigun to his right Forearm

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