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Introductions post (self-applied F-slur) 

I'm Mads "Byttyrs" Viande. She/her, I'm a 27yo white settler-colonizer in the U.S. occupation. I'm also a bi, trans madwoman and a faggot. I talk a lot about fantasy media, communism, madness/folly/oddity, and gender & sexuality from what you might call a "Grindr-subject," or perhaps "faggy," position. I also play a lot of children's blocks game Minecraft and bad 2011 open-world fantasy CRPG TES 5: Skyrim, for better or for worse. Don't take me so serious!

be on the lookout. you could accidentally enter Martha's Vine Yard at literally any time

@Manurweibling reality is fake and gay just like astrology and I'm a cancer gemini aries

life is a contest to see who can say "astrology is fake but I'm a [sun sign moon sign rising sign]" fastest and most fluidly

Want an owl? 

<Opens my trench coat that is entirely lined with birds> hey fellow gays, want an owl? £5.50 each + £3 postage if it's the UK. Perfectly safe to post, and they don't need breathing holes in the package like regular owls.

Email: to order or ask any questions, invoices will be sent via paypal. #art #sewing

owl description in the following toot.

man indoctrination into gender starts young. the gender lines of commercials on kids tv is so stark

@Manurweibling the great thing about having no gender is that every kiss i have is gay

reminder that it's good to gay kiss, be fat, be trans, and so on

Tom of Finland is why Western gay drawn porn is Like That, they picked up on the anatomic exaggeration but not anything that makes Tom of Finland good

Class Comics (and its stylistic precedents that are school-of Tom of Finland, but NOT actually Tom of Finland) plays an unacknowledged role in pushing men-who-love-men into furry as an alternative option for gay erotica

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Tom of Finland: remarkably little emphasis or detail placed on the eyes in most of his famous work, they're just shadows on the flesh of the face and points of deeper shadow/indications of eyelashes that tell the viewer where the figure is looking and what he's feeling
Class Comics: you know what this hypermasculinized homoerotic art needs? Big Dead Cartoon Eyes

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Western gay porn comix artists: hey, you got superhero comix in my Tom of Finland!
also Western gay porn comix artists: hey! you got Tom of Finland in my
[I am already walking away, shaking my head in disgust]

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nobody at all:
not a single goddamn soul:
Class Comics (et al.): So I adapted Tom of Finland's sensitive shading and pencil-work into sharp-lined ink with no midtones, possibly with garish color slapped on top

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if you wanna do pen and ink gay erotica, as a starting point, why not simply adapt Tom of Finland's subject matter in Aubrey Beardsley's artstyle

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me as a gay teen: *finds gay webcomics* :/
*finds Class Comics* ›:f
*finds Tom of Finland"* ‹ : 0
*traces historical throughline from Tom of Finland directly to this unemotive hypermacho dead-eyed bullshit* ... >:C

me as an adult: *has incredibly tart opinions about Class Comics*

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hot take 

if lesbians get to say that mullets look good, I get to think frosted tips slap

francophones qui bossent avec des ordinateurs, vous prononcez TTY:

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