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as a nonbinary person if you crack my skull open you just look straight into Nietzche's abyss

Shoving zoo quality great ape pellets right up my asshole for sustenance

i lost track of time for an hour playing returnal so its time for me to go to bed kind of annoyed

me: i dont personally like sex but i think it's cool if people like that shit, i just wish they wouldn't assume i'm a prude or hate kink

complete rando: *10 paragraphs detailing weird assumptions and also telling me to go hang out with elderly queers*

can mastodon not be fucking normal like... ever?

LMAO I literally have no problem with kink at Pride, it's kind of part and parcel with the event.

Someone rolled into my mentions on my other account and told me I should hang out with elderly gays if I didn't want to be around lewd stuff and they said it unironically.

maddie referred to a regular, like... ink based printer as a "2D printer" and i'm still thinking about that

are there any wheelchair users online whomst would be down to answer a couple questions about toy design

milly verbally said eugen aloud yesterday and i was caught off guard by "oygen" and it was worse cause they were talking about him hornyposting eurovision

I read the Genius: The Transgression rulebook a lot at a tender age, so I think a lot about its definition of technology: anything that has been made or modified by people to serve a purpose. A stick with the leaves pulled off is technology.

So it's extremely funny to me to imagine an anprim picking up a stick, realizing the leaves have been manually removed, and dropping it in horror

I legit didn't think it would cause normally she doesn't like soft treats but she was into this

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