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shout out to the person who gave me multiple steam awards for my monster hunter rise review that just says "mitzutsune is in this one so it's the best game ever made." dragonfuckers stay winning

the doomsday clock thing is such horseshit. shut the fuck up

i'll be real with you, i'm not sure i'm gonna watch the rest of evangelion death

with sudden horror
oh i hope the pharmacists didn't think i was some antivax weirdo when i picked up my spiro the other day

developing an opinion that is objectively correct and subjectively incorrect

"when you said that Yugioh GX was objectively the best Yugioh series I was excpecting statistics and science [goes on for over a thousand additional words]"

*rubbing my hands together* oh boy, can't wait till this guy finds out about 'preferences'

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actually my kingdom hearts opinions are completely objectively correct and there are no other valid kh opinions

being a woman on the Internet and calling your opinion 'objectively correct' as a joke is always a good choice, because men will respond to you blasting sewer water directly out the ass mad about your 'misuse' of the word 'objective,' while making a much more profound category error by implying or outright asserting that there can be such a thing as an objective opinion

now these are truly devil's words 

maybe i should get back into programming and do it properly this time

important, as a leftist, to read theory (my posts) and do praxis (kiss me)

and yes you should read this in natasha lyonne from russian doll voice

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i think some people on here might be interested in this upcoming game about gay foxgirls. made with FNA!

re: possibly devil's programming opinion, i used to have a horse in this race but now i'm free 

@HoneyMoon this speaks volumes to the failures of computer science since men took over the field

Personally i think a programming language should just know what i want to do and just do it without me having to type anything

possibly devil's programming opinion, i used to have a horse in this race but now i'm free 

i think that coding languages should do it like python does it. what's "it"? everything

they should do for every media property what they did for ghostbusters: give it one reboot for the ladies, and one reboot to erase the ladies and replace them with paul rudd, everyone loves a paul rudd

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