trans people deserve the world, and the moon and the sun too. and it wouldn't be too much to have the stars as well

i constantly see people on twitter, cis and trans, saying shit like "you can treat trans people with a bare minimum of respect and they'll accept it without asking for anything more" and i think that shit stinks to high heaven!!!! we should dare to want the most for ourselves and those we love!!!!!!!

(getting up on my chair) there is nobility in transness! accept nothing less!

(and to be clear, i've 100% been guilty, in the past and present, of accepting less as more. this isn't an admonition, it's more of a motivating idea)

@HoneyMoon if you think about it we are all part of the heavens in our own way

@HoneyMoon also like. not everyone is a r/traaaaawhatever user. some people just aren't like that

@aoife i agree! i think this kind of thing only serves to alienate trans people from community

@HoneyMoon yes, and that's generally how i feel about most trans women do x memes lol

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