when an npc is mean to you in a video game that's the most charming thing possible


in spiderman 2 for the gamecube there were random people who would shout "webhead!" at you while you swung by, it ruled

see also: original animal crossing villagers, literally every hitman npc

@kiosk a derogatory term for spiderman (because he has webs on his head/mask)

@kiosk also some npc's would say "webhead! lookin' good!" so it can also be friendly

@kiosk the npc's in the hitman series. they're all like wildly hostile to the player, even if you're not doing anything weird. i was watching a stream of it a bit ago and the streamer was wearing a chef disguise and everyone they passed went "hey chef, what's cooking? haha"

@HoneyMoon also I thought you meant there were hitmen in animal crossing and I was very confused

@kiosk oh, no, though that would also be funny for different reasons

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