in hindsight i should've put this link in the original post, but the designer is on twitter here:

@HoneyMoon I will absolutely not stop you and also if you give me a good file of this thing i will add it to telescope

@kiosk i know, right? I'll do some quick image editing to make a 'moji

@kiosk here you go, it's not perfect but at emoji size nobody will notice

@Blakely @HoneyMoon honestly i really really love the idea of making flags that aren't just stripes. Not that I dislike the stripes but we're the queer community! We can do whatever the hell we like to show who we are!

@katnjiapus @kiosk personally, i would call it "DiazLesbianFlag" after the designer

@HoneyMoon @kiosk

Yeah that's good

flagLesbianDiaz so it's sorted with other flags. flagSapphicDiaz works too depending on which label one prefer.

@katnjiapus @SapphicGiraffic @HoneyMoon I would go with flag_lesbian_2 because I find the concept of
"lesbian 2" funny

@SapphicGiraffic @kiosk @Aleums @HoneyMoon

"Here at, we only use the highest quality home-grown flags for our users" :blobBourgie:

@kiosk @SapphicGiraffic @HoneyMoon

Apparently TTS stuff doesn't like underscores used like that, so we're going with camel-case for all our emoji names.

@HoneyMoon I like the flag, I find it beautiful but personally I find it quite complex. I like the simplicity of "official" pride flags.
Otherwise It's pretty :blobcathappypaws:

@matthilde yeah, there's definitely value in having a flag that is simply recognizable in color pallette form

@HoneyMoon well it's certainly better then any of the 34094328584385094325 variations on "colored horizontal stripes"

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