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You can use the Internet to read books, newspapers, and even comics!

it's not fun for me to just grab a boob. it's simply a matter of business.

no one:
no one:
my brain: 🎶​HE FUCKED A TIIIIGERR 🎶​

wind-up miqo'te

a clockwork companion sold to raise funds for the grand company of eorzea. designed after no one in particular

protective eye gear sold separately

this is the coolest thing I've recreated in minecraft, from how it's put together to the physics shenanigans it creates (this time with the right upload)


i didn't post about this cause i was ill when it was on my mind but i had a white claw for the first time and honestly i get the hype. pretty good drink

rita farr, speaking to herself in the mirror: home alone on a friday night? how, pathetic...


smugly i am going to treat myself to a smidgen of chocolate

i think that periwinkle is one of the top tier colors I'm guessing it's like "oh look I have chips left I should get dip / oh now I have some leftover dip I should get chips" lol

have i posted about chip dip cycles before? do we all know what that means?

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getting into a bit of a chip dip cycle with "games that are good to play while listening to podcasts" and "podcasts that are good to listen to while drawing"

getting irony-poisoned enough that i loop back around to being sincere

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