I know i've asked for a lot of help, and i really appreciate everything fedi has done for us

i'm hoping this will be my last begpost, i don't really know what else to do. My landlord has given us about 2 weeks now to move out, and we're really unprepared since he told us we COULD renew our lease this year, before he decided he needed our apartment

i have enough for a deposit on a place, but we need enough to put in first and last months rent

I'm trying to raise a total of $1400 so i can ensure we have enough to pay All these things and for a moving truck

My commissions and my partners commissions are open (@muttmusk, @cuttlefishcryptid if interested)

Otherwise any help is greatly appreciated, we're trying to not become homeless in under a month

Paypal: paypal.me/muttmusk

CashApp: $MuttMusk

Venmo: MuttMusk

since no one wants to play jackbox i will be closing the discord server.

get a load of this guy *goes to make a jerk off motion but winces in pain*

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I do not care about critiques of Hamas, Hezbollah, or any other group which fights for the right of the Palestinian people to exist. there is no moral equivalence here between those who are doing western backed genocide, and those who are fighting for their right to exist. nothing any of them have done has ever been a fraction of the crimes of Israel

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Israel is doing genocide. it is an apartheid state. it is a settler state. their intended end goal is the total removal of Palestinian people, history, and culture in their land. that is and can be the only end goal of zionism. and that is why they must be fought on all fronts

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been reading a lot about the Palestine stuff and it's just fucking harrowing. there's a video of thousands of zionists literally dancing and singing before the burning Masjid Al Aqsa waving Israeli flags. western news outlets twisting the death figures to say Palestinians killed 9 children when it was the fucking Israelis who did that. the fact there is even a debate about who has started and escilated this violence or that the resistance of the people of Palestine is too far

dumbass body trying to fight a virus that doesn't exist

also when the nabisco corporation posted “trans people exist”

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there should be a nice word for "earworm" i like to get songs stuck in my head

Moon barks at the dog tonight! Young tongue set on fire! :possum:

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