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You can use the Internet to read books, newspapers, and even comics!

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(trying to impress my programmer date) yeah I'd say I know quite a bit about Kobold

no i'm still not over "for heroes there are trials, for saints there are temptations, for me there is you". I don't think i ever will be.

podcast where we watch anime and talk about it but we Only watch episodes that people say are filler and you should skip


what would you do if i literally enjoyed a healthy snack

It's been a while oh boy I have a lot to post. so let's start off with my journey of getting comfortable with details. I drew my oldest oc, Shinhye with testing out different brushes and using references for fabrics/skin.

#OriginalCharacter #MastoArt #DigitalArt #sketchspread

viri lore 

i can smile with the left side of my mouth but not the right. something's wrong with the muscles there


I'm cute today. tomorrow, who knows. but til then we dance,

@HoneyMoon yeah but it's funny because i can't think of any in particular that you like.... nothing really stands out.............

i had this thought and then immediately went, with unrestrained glee, "oh that's a horrible idea. that idea is just awful"

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it's a small thing that would probably be too much work to be worth it but i wish the plaintext card descriptions in master duel had line breaks between effects to make it easier to parse what conditions apply to what effects

(thinking) could you make contacts that do the cat eye reflecting light thing without also just blinding you while they're in

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