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You can use the Internet to read books, newspapers, and even comics!

I think I've done sufficient cleaning that I can take a lunch break :3

i will probably compromise with myself and do b&w with monocolor accents

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the gender overlap between me and transmasc people? beautiful, i love that shit

on one hand, making a comic in black and white would be much less work. but on the other 😈 coloring is the best part 😈

object permanence but it's if i see a thing too many times it just becomes the background for me

mika just called a carabiner a "lesbian clip" and i desperately want to make fun of him for this but i have a carabiner in my bag

Girls only want one thing and it's the ability to wish for unlimited things

Mika: all Christians are guilty until proven innocent

both me and sam: yeah, that's the central idea of the religion

girls will literally propagate their seeds via the wind

one piece 

great moment, love these two
(luffy said sanji is as strong as a thousand people)

duke dogstorm really is one of the character names of all time

I am 9 months pregnant and could go at any time, my family just now managed to raise what we needed and get approved for housing! Move in is Tuesday, but we still need to find $500 for utility deposits before we’re allowed in and a truck to get our crap to the home!

Thank y’all so much for getting us this far, we’re so close! It’s a great area for my wife to find work :)

$app: $glamorshark
venmo: @londonshine

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