@HoneyMoon it’s absolutely not ok... jeff winger just wanted to get his bachelor’s degree, not become the latest star of an NBC sitcom

it's fucked up that they put real people on community the tv show

gimmick instance idea 

expanding on the "total character limit for an account": instance wide character limit. every post by a person on that instance brings the character limit down. when it hits 0 all the accounts on the instance get deleted

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slimes are a type of furry. I've decided this

*beck voice* i'm the joker baby, so why don't you kill me

food non vegan 

having an ice cream moment

like the rewind mechanic is completely broken in 3 houses but fe7 is hard enough that giving you three strikes would still be extremely challenging

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they should remake fe7 with the 3 houses rewind mechanic

signal boosting!

Susan is an Indigenous Deaf ND mom of two ND kids. She lives with brain and arm injuries from a drunk driver and her husband, her support, was trapped in Mexico by the Trump admin.
Susan’s car suddenly requires repair, this is urgent as she cares for many live farm animals on a different property and her kids need medical transport. She also badly needs groceries and food banks don’t carry food they can eat.

Goal: $500

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summoning a powerful gnome warrior to fuck your shit up

Piglins, rightly, fucking hate the player. They also seem to have a moderately hierarchical society and associated taboos around access to gold; so appropriating their status symbols (wearing gold attire) or offering them status (giving them gold items) can cause them to extend a tentative truce (until you take their stuff, break a gold block, or hurt one of them); except the Piglin Brutes, who universally possess gold (part of their texture, and they have gold axes) and cannot be tempted out of their righteous anticolonial rage

Hoglins seem to be wild animals in many senses but have elaborate superstitions around teal objects in their natural environment (??) and can distinguish the colonizing player from all other individuals (???), which makes them seem potentially intelligent. which makes it, uhh, a little worrying that Piglins occasionally hunt Hoglins

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there are these tantalizing little hints of cultural diversity and intercultural contact in Minecraft —

• Villagers have distinct attire and building styles per-biome;
• many villages feature materials they have no direct access to (and therefore plausibly acquire through trade);
• the Wandering Trader travels about and seems culturally-distinct from Villagers (although they, the Villagers, the Illagers, and the Witches all look distinctly similar);

… but my favorite part are the taboos! Villagers have a strict taboo against direct violence, relying on their Iron Golem technology and trade sanctions to punish violators. witchcraft is also taboo among the Villagers, although only during raids do Witches retaliate.

Endermen are perfectly peaceful, and advanced in a way few but the player are (can move blocks), but don't look them in the eye! that is a deadly insult!

Zombified Piglins (and Piglins as well) have an ethics of mass retaliation for violence, the zombies otherwise peaceful

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I think there's a clear (albeit unintentional) subversive reading to the fact that hostile/neutral Nether mobs don't give two shits about Villagers (which will sometimes wander into player-built Nether portals by chance) or Endermen (which spawn naturally in the Nether but seem to live in diaspora from the End — fleeing oppression by the Ender dragon?)

the Piglins, the Piglin Brutes, the Ghasts, the Blazes, the Wither Skeletons, even the Hoglins have an extremely clear political position: everyone is free to enter and leave the Nether as they please, except players, who are colonizers and not to be trusted

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