I'm a geothermal energy guy. you can drill down and get hot rock anywhere on the planet. there is broad consensus that steampunk aesthetic can unite people across cultural lines. no reliance on temperamental weather or nuclear material.

there are dozens of us. dozens!!


@cicatriz_jdr I love geothermal. I feel like there’s probably some hidden drawback like we’re pissing off the magma men or something but until then? All in.


I think there is the risk that any seismic activity can fuck your wells up because of their depth so it's maybe not as broadly universal as it seems on paper, but I am confident we can broker a peace with the magma men using the soft powers of good old fashioned Hollywood diplomacy and sending them the Harlem Globetrotters.

@Frank2 @cicatriz_jdr Big Geothermal won't stop expanding no matter how many Morlocks come to the surface

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