how does detective conan get around with that big ass head

It was gonna be some stupid bs and not something cool or whatever but I still wanted to post it

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Well at least the rightwingers will stick to keeping their decisions about states’ rights and won’t create a federal regime that mandates theocratic conservatism. Good thing for that. Sure are lucky about that.

I went into One Piece expecting your typical battle shonen but I really love how much of an comedy/adventure series it is at its heart. It really sets itself apart from shows like Naruto/Bleach/DBZ in that regard. Even Hunter x Hunter.

[hovering menacingly over my crystal ball] in the next five years a corporation will try to reclaim the the r-word in a tweet.

SCOTUS: Voting is now illegal

Liberals: We'll see about that in November, buster

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Imagine you’re hired at a company as a normal office worker. One day you walk into the CEO’s office and declare “you have to run every decision by me first.” And the CEO agrees because it’s politically convenient for him at the time. Dozens of CEOs come and go and now, years later, they all think they have to get your approval first for no reason other than the guy before them thought the same. Congrats! You just invented judicial review. Your position is exactly as legitimate as the Supreme Court.

one of those funny things about the us system of government is that the 'checks and balances' were invented by the supreme court, a previously irrelevant institution, in 1803 so they would have something to do

I’m not against voting on principle. I fucking WISH fixing this all was as easy as voting. I’m just not a giant moron so I know it’s not.

For the entirety of its near-250 year history the Supreme Court has been a bastion of reactionary politics and the last stalwart defense against progress. A mere handful of just rulings put this nation under the delusion that the Court is somehow an essential arbiter of our rights and liberties. For the vast majority of its history this was not the case, and has not been so currently in decades. Just because the Court made the correct decision in times past does not mean it is good, necessary, or worth preserving.

The scary part is that guys like Alito and Thomas will NEVER be happy. Their worldview doesn’t allow it. They will always find a new thing to hate and a new thing to wage war upon. Their entire existence is given meaning by ceaseless struggle against some other. If they are appointed forever-chancellors of a theocratic fascist republic they will still pace around at night furious about the fact that deep down, someone somewhere might be different from them. The goal is never achieved. Never satisfied.

It’s always darkest right before the dawn.

[it continues getting darker]

oh fuck

Can the democrats please go low once in a while. It seems to work.

Democrats to people in blue states:

Vote harder for the people you’re already voting for even though we’re not doing anything. Don’t even think of questioning us.

Democrats to people in red states:

Vote harder even though the right wing establishment in your state has made it basically impossible for you to vote while we refuse to do anything about it. Also it’s your fault for not voting.


how come this is what capitol police look like when the court does an evil thing, but when the literal capitol is being stormed by weirdos the police all looked like bicycle patrol officers in reflective windbreakers out to write citations for anyone with an open container at the park.

The “vote harder” rhetoric is especially funny when it’s blue state liberals chiding other blue state liberals. The fuck are we supposed to vote harder for? We already did!! Your people all won! Look how it turned out!

Any moment now highly trained pink pussy hat partisans will descend upon Washington DC to wage a protracted people’s war against the unjust rule of the Supreme Court. Any moment now.

grr the only thing I hate more than America (spit!) are America's geopolitical rivals! grrr! I'm very smart.

Trying to convince my wife to move back to Scotland but sadly she’s been too Massachusetts-pilled.

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