l3g4l4dv1c3: all mechs are gay. ive learned this important lesson today

is the nasuverse just a collection of stories about the wacky adventures of bisexual blonde women and their haunted ass boyfriends

how to get girls
step 1: have no fucking idea what you're doing
step 2: get called pretty anyways
step 3: cry
step 4: bang
step 5: cry more

man's thought I was like 18 LMAO I guess the estrogen really does shave off 5 years

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he also couldn't believe I was 23 which is funny to me for some reason

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I had a trans guy behind me in the dmv line and I heard him say his shoes were 20 dollar walmart heel boots and I like yelled in the dmv because I was so shocked those fuckers looked GOOD

@spineberg I'll infodunp the entire touhou wiki on the way back for you that's basically a podcast

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