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alright i took some liberties with the definition of “pop punk” in some cases but overall, these are my go-to songs. i also tried to pick songs that i felt weren’t the most well-known of any given band. have fun y'all.

ps, i recommend playing it on shuffle cause that’s how i listen to all playlists.

i would like one of those evil socialist dictators to take over now please

i mean is it really any worse than the evil capitalist dictators we have?

Z fills the water bottle and then adds ice cubes. like a fuckin’ pervert.

what ppl on the fedi don't know is i prefer to speak less than 30 words a week and instead utilize the sacred telepathic channels to transmit various cat images that communicate my thoughts and feelings


seriously, god damn. define your cupid’s bow. sharpen that shit. look like you have two little pikes ready to stab someone. y’all look silly as hell cause i can see your actual lip shape, embrace it.

i've mastered white girl dancing (touching my hair, swaying slowly and occasionally saying 'omg this is my song')

did you know in some US states getting your name legally changed means any crime you get prosecuted for in the future carries a heavier sentence? fucked up nation.

feel the wrath of a bitch who came out the womb with a knife

Fuck the lying cowards called the police

z stayed up all night again so they’re still asleep. y’all know what that means?


“my names narcissist but my friends call me narcy”

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i’m watching something and this woman’s name is narcy. not nancy, not darcy. narcy.

and all i can think is “lady narcissist” lmao.

cringelib kink. need me a gf who tells me at least John Olivier is Doing Something and that he brings lots of people over to The Left

@Em Yeah, I was pushing Not-Guilty hard in that case and got the rest of the jury to do it.

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