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Yes I have a folder of wizard art for reactions

yes I'm normal

"Now is not the time for semantics"

Your semantics are why trans people have a hell of a time getting health insurance to cover gyno visits and reproductive health care if they change their gender marker to M, you piece of shit.

They're why accessing these things is a nightmare even if your insurance isn't transphobic.

"If men could get pregnant..." they can and your disregard for that makes it much more difficult and dangerous for them when they do.

appreciating the extra gender of looking more and more disheveled as the night goes on

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@RussellsBarbershopQuartet @ItsMorgan @DaveyJJJones That's funny because the last time I saw an unhinged take on "femboys," it was "everyone who self-IDs as a femboy is a self-loathing trans woman invading trans women's space with a transphobic slur"

@LaComtesseRouge @ItsMorgan @Colophonscrawl @DaveyJJJones i would say about 95% of these people have never spoken to another queer person offline and so, while undoubtedly funny, there is a subtle tragedy to it because it comes from a place of intellectualized disconnection from community.

the other 5% are just people who are profoundly bad at analysis. utter clowns that try to make the square peg of their "analysis" fit the round hole of reality

"those were so many words I didn't want to hear" -a new friend I just made about me :)

towels, they've reinvented towels, and they're trying to sell them back to us like it's some kind of innovation

why do people think it’s pedantic to say not just women need abortions. it is absolutely not taking away from what’s happening

we can acknowledge that this is driven by misogyny and include trans people at the same time

that’s the fucking point

i said it once and i’ll say it again - if your feminism doesn’t include trans people, it’s worthless

the other day i saw some truly unhinged femboy discourse on tumbler and i think i should look for more

it's my job at the racism factory to inspect all the misogyny that gets directed at trans men and move it into the transphobia box instead. it's not much, but it's honest work

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