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anyway this is my alt for when my instance goes down but i might post other shit on here depending on who i let follow me. i'm not importing followers on this one so yeah

my pendulous nuts swing around so much they sometimes wrap around my dick on accident

sliding a thin piece of metal inside my dick hole

carl: marx
shake: stirner
frylock: engels
meatwad: feuerbach

ripping my dick off and selling it my nuts at a heavily inflated price

[after narrowly avoiding being caught masturbating]
them: what's up?

me: nuttin'. you?

@CyclopsCaveman you'll get used to it, stuffed Bell peppers are your best friend

i'm vegan, which partially means that i am required to use vegetables in some way when i cum

putting on the rave lights, hanging up the blackout curtains, and cranking up the LMFAO for a particularly party rockin' j/o sesh

building an elaborate, crank powered masturbation engine so i can literally crank my hog

with every post i make, monads becomes a little bit worse

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