i've never really watched much star trek but my impression is

every tos episode: the ship encounters an alien. kirk tries to either bang it (sex style) or bang it (shooting it style). a drunk scotsman yells what are probably slurs at mr spock

every tng episode: the ship encounters a reverse nadion flow asymmetry in the subspace manifold. picard learns something about another culture and wrestles with his conscience. Riker Gets Horny


@esvrld every DS9 episode is either "the crew gets involved in some kind of wacky escapade" or "Captain Sisko struggles with the implications of genocide

@Counsel @esvrld

ha, speaking of horny Riker we cannot forget the episode where he falls in love with an alien, an outcast and pariah on her homeworld. Her crime? Boldly daring to defy the genderless pansexual status quo and assert herself as a heterosexual woman!

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