Man if Oscar Isaac is the bar for “white Latino” now then I’m like a fucking winter ghost-type.

invented a new persona named buglord92. not sure what type of guy he is yet.

“The episode looks ‘ridiculous and dated’ now, he says, and he hopes people can accept that it was a product of an earlier time. He comes back to the idea later as we’re getting ready to leave. It bothers him that he wasn’t clear: ‘I don’t condone anything that that comedy portrayed, you know? I don’t share any views that the writer has.’

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He recently talked about *that* IT Crowd episode and said something to the effect of not condoning any of the comedy from it nor sharing any of “the writer’s” views.

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It makes me very happy to know that Matt Berry is one the few non-transphobic famous British people.

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a coworker told me yesterday that one of his favorite podcasts has a specific feed for paid subscribers that adds the advertisement reads BACK into each episode, because people love them so much.

and i said that i rarely ever use this term, and even now i use it with great circumspection, but that's the most unbelievably cucked thing i've heard all year.

From excellent subversive new take on the genre to cardboard expositionfest tournament arc with blistering pacing.

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Hate to say it but the current arc in Jujutsu Kaisen sucks big time.


‪I’m so finished with Atreides entitlement lately that I’m really not sad about a 15yo fleeing into the deserts of Arrakis and probably getting eaten by a sandworm bc his daddy was a threat to the Padishah Emperor. ‬

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the haters are trying to run up on me... but can they do this *i drop to the floor and do a single very slow push up*

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everyone's dog fursona looks exactly the same to me, so i wouldn't be able to tell you who i remember from snouts

writing “OC - do not steal” in the name field on my firstborn child’s birth certificate

If Kingo was a freaky little weird dude from Star Wars who said shit like “mzeepa zeepa” you people would be all over it. But when he’s a disgustingly muscular Pakistani man suddenly it’s all jokes? Don’t pretend like we don’t see y’all 💅

Gonna be honest, not really happy with Marvel’s decision to name the only two Italian-coded Eternals “Dago” and “Woppus.”

I was looking at porn the other day and clicked on the “gay” toggle and then got really upset and confused when a bunch of WLW stuff came up. I just forgot that lesbians exist for a solid 10 seconds.

Are you a white feminist woman who came of age in the 60s and 70s? You too may be at risk for sudden-onset terfbrain disease. Schedule a checkup today, before it’s too late.

I’ve been listening to MBMBaM and while it’s funny these guys definitely have big lib energy.

If they nail Mob Psycho Season 3 (no reason to believe they won’t) I think it will seriously challenge FMA:B for my #1 favorite anime spot.

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