In many ways Tuesday is just as bad as Monday. For me, in part, it’s because of the actions of Tues-dar the Cruel who-

@Counsel For me, that was the worst day of my life, For Monday...That Was Tuesday

You don’t hate Mondays, you hate Mon-dar, the Weekday Warlock, whose beastmen destroyed your village when you were a child.

Honestly I’m so curious about what the hell happened to David De Gea. Went from one of the best in the world to a total joke.

Like ok fine we pulled them out of the water and shortened their life by like what, one year? Maybe they would’ve had sex and then committed suicide. Real glorious purpose right there.

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I think it’s ok to eat octopuses. They only live like 3 years not like they would’ve been doing much if we left them alone.

MMOs pump out scores of unique throwaway mobs that you fight for like 5 levels while leveling and then never see again. Come on guys.

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Hope Breath of the Wild 2 has more enemy diversity. One of the big drawbacks of the first game was that fighting nothing but moblins and lizals gets real old real fast.

New Weird is such a funny subgenre because all the guys who are really into it are absolutely insufferable snobs who are convinced that it’s the only type of fantasy that is “real literature.” Buddy there’s no such thing as real literature they’re all just books.

My big problem with non-Universal Century Gundam entries is that whenever I watch them I usually just find myself thinking “damn I wish this was UC”

they need to invent a weed that lets me get really high but doesn’t lead me to consume 6000 calories in a single night.

Brits out here like “blimey you yanks are living in a third world country innit can’t even buy a car with a manual transmission”

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Just saw a funny exchange on Twitter where someone was like “is it true you Americans only know how to drive automatics?” and someone else replied “yep, and also there’s lead in our pipes and we discriminate against the disabled and have a prison industrial complex” as if the fact that they don’t teach manuals in driving school is comparable to those things.

Hell yeah I'm a Rhodes Scholar. I spend all day at the racism factory making Cecil Rhodes proud.

Unionizing the guys who work at the factory where they manufacture consent.

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