Currently rereading Howl’s Moving Castle. What a nice book. I should get into the sequels.

I simply refuse to choose sides in a fight between a few dozen greedy billionaires and a monopolistic and notoriously corrupt cabal over a giant cauldron full of cash. As far as I’m concerned I, as a fan, have already lost. There was never a battle to begin with. Just going to hope it all blows over in a way that still lets me enjoy the sport I love.

Why do people on this website get so pissed off when you talk about something they don’t care about lol

Like I can’t believe people are taking sides in this lol. It’s just a matter of “shitty new format under a new name” vs “shitty new format but under the old name we’re nice and comfy with.” Fans are screwed either way.

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The new UCL model is literally no different from the Super League. Two giant corrupt rich organizations are trying to pit fans against each other.

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Don’t think the ESL is a big deal. UCL was already changing to the (bad) Swiss model, cash grab anyways. Lose lose so who cares.

Bro am I tripping right now or did you just try to yuck my yum? Bro PLEASE tell me you did not just try to yuck my yum. You know I have a high tolerance for bullshit but there are some lines even I don’t want crossed.

'...material falling into a black hole undergoes a process known as 'spaghettification', as the enormous tidal forces...'

italians: 👀

piss, cum, shit, these are all words that the government and grown ups deems "bad". i say enough.

Amazon loves to show you weird looking $10 shirts from brands called like CLOXAMONDY

iv'e never met an animal. all my cats are people

bro elevators are not portals bro
trust me bro they just pull a giant heavy box up and down bro

Dragon Ball and everything in DBZ up until the end of the Frieza Saga is decent IMO. It really only went off the rails with the androids and up.

@Counsel higgs boston, a hole-in-the-wall donut joint in brookline that's about to get gentrified out of existence after thirty years as a family business that's been in local news exactly twice for mass bouts of food poisoning

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