Transit fare is effectively like having to pay for public toilets. One day we'll look back on this shit with only horror

The only reason to have transit fare rather than just subsidizing it publicly is to punish poor people for using it. That's it. To taxpayers: I don't give a shit, not even one, about paying more taxes for public transit. The tax system especially in this fucked up state is already garbage, they already take way more from pretty much everyone who isn't rich than they ever do from anyone who actually is. Transit fare is just insult to injury.


"Ackkkk! But the cost of buying car tabs in Seattle is like $200!!!" Yeah cry me a river, I know you still pay it, dumbass

@RichWhite It should have been in the mail. If my intern didn't deliver your check for kkkanadian services rendered, then... oh no, I forgot to put air holes in the box again didn't I...

@RichWhite I have received your lawyers' subpoena, and, much as I am loathe to submit to kkkanadian kkkourts, I will comply with the request to send them shots of my ass...

@Colophonscrawl No that won’t do, you need to show your ass to the judge & the jury as well in person 😈

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