:bing: is big leaguing some sort of baseball inflation fetish or what

@Colophonscrawl its when someone uses a baseball bat to shove baseballs up your ass hole

@CyclopsCaveman Ok but do they just like, push them in one at a time and then use the bat to shove them up there, or do they like, try and hit them into there? Split the difference, get it halfway in and then try to hit a home run inside?

@Colophonscrawl it depends on how wide you can stretch your asshole with your own hands. newbies get them shoved right up in there but the pros, or "goatstops" get to have the baseballs fired into their ass at roughly 90 miles an hour

@Colophonscrawl his secret "baseball after dark" documentary series is extremely enlightening

@Colophonscrawl for instance, did you know after the cubs finally won the world series after their long drought, the orgy lasted for as many days as years it took to win?

@CyclopsCaveman I've heard of cubs and bears before and this seems plausible to me

@Colophonscrawl invites you up to the majors for a cup of coffee, making you big and round

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