It's actually very sad to see Chappelle broken by his own bad decisions. Certain people, him among them, get caught in this loop, like when your laptop freezes and keeps playing the same half-second of audio over and over, he can't unfuck himself, and no amount of Netflix specials given to him by its buttlicker of a CEO are going to undo his nagging anxiety that now seems to motivate his every public move, even as it has reduced his comedic senses to the level of a 2013 Redditor.

@Colophonscrawl yeah it's shitty to admit that i feel some pity for him, but it's just tragic

it makes me wonder if there's a name for that phenomenon, where a public figure is very obviously bothered by getting pushback on something but somehow they just opt to let it pulverize their personality rather than apologize and move on.

fuck him, obviously, but yeah it's sad to see him consigned to the pile of other unfunny comedians with exactly One joke now that his brain has evidently been fried.

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