Eugen, that's just so goddamn sad. "But what if luxury brands aren't interested in my platform?" Buddy that is so pathetic, did you know that?

I'm unblocking dot social for a moment so he can see this, just to be safe. Sometimes you have to tell a friend the truth

Eugen, grow up. Lear is not about to advertise jets on an official Mastodon account. Lexus does not care about your little twitter clone, okay? Can we just agree that this is not in the cards?

Everyone would hate it if they showed up, and guess what? It would matter for nothing in the end. They aren't about to sponsor you, and they certainly aren't about to get on a platform that has in total a number of users three or four orders of magnitude under what your competitor gets in one day. Even if Twitter were to shed millions of users, that would be a drop in the bucket, and luxury money trends conservative anyway. Please understand this.

I need you to understand, if you're here, that Mastodon will never, not now, not in a few years' time, not in ten years' time, not in fifteen or twenty years' time, overtake Twitter on Twitter's home turf, most especially not by trying to play catchup with Twitter, most most especially not by trying to appeal to luxury brands, which is a new level of self-deception as to the role Mastodon plays.

When Tumblr decided it was going to eject its radioactive core of users, where do you think those users largely went? Do you think they went to the exact clones of Tumblr? A small handful did, and are those clones of Tumblr overtaking Tumblr? Not at all. Most of the people who left didn't go to sites just like the one they left, they went to other sites--primarily Twitter!--which were unlike Tumblr. For sites that are Tumblr-style, which is the biggest? Still Tumblr.

Eugen doesn't know what the fuck he wants. Does he want Mastodon to be decentralized, or is the software always going to be based primarily on his vision of what Mastodon as a project is 'supposed' to look like? Does he want it to be a place that offers architecture for interactions that are a positive improvement upon how Twitter does it, or is it supposed to be around for when Twitter fails? Should it be a place for friends, or is it a branding opportunity? Eugen wants it every which way.

I seriously wonder if Eugen has let some of his users' visions of "Twitter but this time I get it right" go to his head a little bit, to the extent that, because he gets interviews from tech magazines as "the founder," he therefore must play some socially expected role of "tech startup/founder guy." That's perfectly natural, given the position he's in and the history of Mastodon, and it's also a really unfortunate position to be in, given that it's a very bad role to be put into.

Picture "generic tech/programming startup/founder guy." Who you're thinking of is some sort of mash-up of Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey and some character from an episode of Black Mirror. I'm going to guess you fall into one of two camps as you imagine this guy, either you identify somewhat with him and therefore there's some spark of hope, or you don't, and you want about as far away from this guy as possible. The role doesn't come with a healthy set of expectations.

This is a polarizing figure, subject to a completely unrealistic amount of both adoration and scrutiny from would-be replacements and keyboard touchers (or people who imagine themselves as keyboard touchers and entrepreneurs as part of an ongoing personal fantasy), and also to an amount of scorn (however correct) which cuts them off from the rest of the people who are actually going to be using the end result.

Buying into this as a self-narrative is how you come to believe that Dyl pretending to be a car salesman is going to make Mitsubishi reconsider moving their official account, which of course they were mere moments away from doing beforehand, surely

In fact, Ogdo did consider moving its main offices to, the contract was drawn up, but the "psychic damage market" there is much too crowded as it is just based on the local, and so we respectfully sought opportunities with other host bodies

@Colophonscrawl if Louis Vuitton got on here half their mentions would be people asking if they've accounted for noted Sugondese economist Sergei Païrov's analysis of knock-on supply chain shocks and the other half would be people demanding their client database for people's tribunal purposes

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