I love when people are like "whoop de doo, no one cares" whenever someone else is like "I'm gay" because like, buddy the only way you could possibly care more is if you decided to either go on an hour-long tirade or come out then and there. Posting for an audience of zero.


Someone else: gay gay homosexual gay

You, tears in your eyes, teeth grinding as you begin to froth: nnO!!! ARGH nnnNNOBODY ASKED yOU STOP IT YOU'RE TAKING UP TIMELINE !!!!REAL ESTATE!!!!

"Yeah well you never hear ME going on about being STRAIGHT!!!"

We don't have to, Reddit already exists for that sort of thing, we know how utterly unhinged straight dating is, The Bachelor is still on TV, nobody wants to hear that shit

Also oh my god, straight people who don't get laid but itch to are the. fucking. worst. all the goddamn always with this. it never turns off

grass grows and the sun, smh the sun shines. again. every day with this fucking thing. give it a rest already

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