"The world is overpopulated" is the biggest horseshit ever. Not everyone is an equal contributor to climate change. In fact, most people on the planet contribute... wait for it... relatively speaking, hardly anything. A few specific people are responsible for the vast bulk of it. I don't care about "there's a market for it," no. Shut up. If tomorrow there were no choice but to live strictly with renewable energy, people would adapt. They accept these things because that's what's available.

Why are these things available? Because the industries that for a long time were the standard pushed to make it so that they were the only players. Why is it that they were capable of doing this? Because they have lobbyists to make this happen. Why are lobbyists a thing? Because in democracies, lobbyists are the representatives of industry on behalf of the owning class. Not labor, industry. The consumer is the end stage of a process in which they have almost no actual say.


To the extent that consumption is framed as a choice, the consumer is handed, with their false choice, as much liability as can be pitched to them. The more they see one another as culpable, the more it becomes framed as driven by some sort of consumer culture, the more these people can get away with it. Malthusian ideas of "overpopulation" are oversimplified to the point of absurdity, and then treated as gospel by anti-civ types who think they're doing the Earth a solid by shaming parents.

I don't mean that Malthus had more complex ideas. He didn't. It started as a set of oversimplified ideas he had that were bad to begin with and they never got better.

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