If you're a shithead about people asking for financial help or other forms of help, fuck you. Get fucked. Up yours.

@LaComtesseRouge Oh I got receipts of this motherfucker being a snide and sarcastic asshole about people asking for help, even in the form of being commissioned so there would be something to show for it, it's worse than asking for CWs, but I absolutely 100% believe that asking for all that stuff behind CWs is a shithead move all its own. The fucking nerve of some people jesus christ how does anyone keep thinking of themself as a good person while mocking and shaming people for being crushed by capitalism

@LaComtesseRouge Just, the sheer level of bullshit, and the audacity to be like "well other people starve, so, have a better reason than wanting a nice meal," as though people who are poor and struggle ought to have to struggle to be justified. It's revolting. oh my GOD why not just adopt the bourgeois playbook of anti-poor propaganda chapter and verse while we're at it I mean how dare a poor person want to have an ounce of comfort for one evening nice things for free is good and just when it happens to me and ridiculous decadence when it happens to you

@LaComtesseRouge It's a disgusting act to treat people in poverty as though they ask too much.

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