Liberals are fixated on the idea that if they treat a story as authoritative and unambiguous enough, it will steamroll over "conspiracy theory" thinking, which they in turn think is important, because if false beliefs get stamped out, then at last the nation will be healed or some such thing. It seems that the goal of this exercise is less about incentivizing ideal behavior as it is about tidying the Overton window, and I wonder what the end goal of all this is supposed to be.


For example, saying "climate change is real," or its considerably worse twin, "science is real/I believe the science/the scientists." This one in particular horrifies me, but whatever my feelings, the intention of these easy heuristic recitations seems to be to vitalize by memetics the institutions which have been suddenly treated as suspect. I don't know if this ever works in the way they suppose it does, but clearly it inclines other liberals to do the same.

I know people who are thoroughly convinced that if they don't recycle plastic (and I've seen them attempt to recycle stuff that is absolutely trash, that nobody will get anything from), they are disgusting slobs who should be branded with hot irons and spit on (not horny). They "believe science" even as they are visibly uncomfortable with the idea that there are a group of companies whose output dwarfs that of the rest of the planet (crypto might give them a run for it, but not yet). It makes them upset to think that in large part, it's out of their control, because they have so bought into the idea that if they believe correctly enough and act in just the right ways, they will fix everything and assuage the guilt which accompanies this acceptance of some imagined personal responsibility for the whole of industry.

Anyway please don't believe everything protestantism has told you, thanks

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