It's finally here, the Samsara sequel you've been waiting for. We call it Wandr and it's changing the way sentient beings suffer. Set to emerge during the next yuga, here are some features you can expect:

  • Pretas are bonier, spookier, give more backstory during interactions
  • Tepid and lukewarm hells rather than just hot/cold
  • Deva realm balance patch to be just slightly more annoying, giving a small buff to escape attempts, while remaining unlikely
  • As requested, capitalism will be built-in
  • Porn blockers mandatory, will give useless mindfulness tips
  • Motion blur permanently set to on, everywhere, for everything, all the time
  • Atmospheric tight focus will be extremely tight; everything besides the object you're looking directly at may as well be behind a fogged-up shower door
  • Inception noises come standard, sensory overload now includes neurotypicals
  • More white guys with stylized flat graphical avatars of their bearded faces. Like, a lot more.

Wandr: A New Way to Suffer

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