Descartes' wicked demon and Maxwell's demon are involved in a closed quantum experiment measuring whether or not they are gay. If they kiss and light from that kiss passes through a double slit revealing that light is a particle, a hammer will smash a vial containing its own trolley problem in some way impacted by heat such that Maxwell's demon becomes relevant. If the light is a wave, then they are safe, but Maxwell's demon will be interviewed such that its experience kissing the wicked demon will no longer seem to have an ontologically consistent basis; this eventually would lead to Maxwell's demon becoming enlightened. In this scenario, is it ethical to disclose particle-wave duality beforehand knowing that it could cause them not to kiss, which may result in Maxwell's demon remaining in Samsara?

@Colophonscrawl Are we accounting for variance in transliteration? Or ar we taking as an axiom that "samsara" and "sansara" are the same concept-frame?

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