It's offensive to suggest someone is possessed by demons without putting in any work at all when getting intentionally possessed involves considerable effort


Kicking demons out?? Evicting them from your body? :\\ Sounds like some real landlord shit but ok....

@Colophonscrawl listen, if the demons didn't want to get evicted, they should have decided to pay the rent or at LEAST not strip all the copper wiring out,

@wigglytuffitout Demons are famously the densest and most materially focused of supernatural entities. If anything, they would be hoarders. This presents problems all its own, but it's really only angels and possibly earth elementals who would strip the copper wiring, the former because, idk they find material itself to be kind of tacky, and the latter as a snack

@Colophonscrawl the angels are pretty full of themselves, they got a lot of nerve saying copper wiring is tacky after their whole, you know, "there's no such thing as TOO MANY eyeballs and wings!" thing

@Colophonscrawl i mean honestly. some of them could really stand to follow coco chanel's advice. you get dressed, and then you take off two eyes and/or wings as you're going out the door to have a little tasteful restraint,

@wigglytuffitout I'm not really in a position to judge because I am firmly in the "no such thing as too many eyeballs and wings" camp. The eyes aren't accessories, they're part of the whole pattern, it's a motif. If you go to a party with heruka, then maybe you dress down a little, not so many eyes, stick to in the 9-to-12 range, especially if Chenrezig shows up because that fucker has 1002 eyes at bare minimum and trying to out-eye him just makes you look like a fool

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