Whitelists do not go against "the spirit of decentralization." In what universe is allowing instances greater autonomy to decide what federation is suitable for them somehow a centralizing element? The irony is that many instances want whitelists to be a feature, but in intentionally making them unwieldy, everyone ends up submitting to one particular vision of federation. That's a particularly centralized approach.

The sheer irony of this coming from Garg, who personally admins the biggest instances on Mastodon including the flagship instance, is quite telling. We have seen many instances crash and burn because users were not willing to put up with bad administration, and the only way that you could spin this as "centralizing" is if you assume that users will stay on an instance no matter what the admin does. The only instances I can think of in which that could possibly be assumed are Garg's instances.

@Colophonscrawl The platform coming down to what one person says because he runs it goes more against the spirit of decentralization... Let it be community run.

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