It really rules when tantric and esoteric teachers especially and practitioners avoid gender essentialism, especially because there's so fucking much of it out there.

I cut off from my old Dzogchen teacher for being transphobic. One of the best spiritual decisions I ever made. Where my biggest break from the core lineage is is the notion of a 'guru.' Coming at it as a Discordian, I keep in mind the Robert Anton Wilson maxim, communication is only possible between equals.

If some posited 'ultimate' or whatever does not meet you where you're at, then it isn't 'the ultimate,' and it's not worth your time to go chasing it. Whatever "ultimate" you posit, if it is worth that term, it's all-encompassing, there can't be separation from it. You can't even 'reconcile' with it, you cannot find the 'realer' version of it somewhere else. You can find something that presents as if it is the 'realer' version, but it's like using a projector to project "this is a projection."

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It is true, and it draws attention to what it is you're seeing, but it is no more or less a projection than anything else the projector puts out, even if its self-reference is accurate. It's the same with something that claims to be "the ultimate." However overwhelming and seemingly real some discrete experience pointing to it is, however much it is realized in that instant, it is not less so when you're in the middle of total bullshit.

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