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At the end of the month I will be personally domain blocking and This post is fair warning that I will be doing this, as a result of continued administrative issues with them. If you are a user there that I'm mutuals with, this is in no way, shape, or form against you, and I don't want you to feel that I've blocked or unfollowed you specifically, there are many very good accounts on .social, but they're not worth it to stay connected to abusable open instances.

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If you are a member of a new wave of posters, I want to assure you that I will work hard to keep my content just as incomprehensible and alienating to you, the viewing public, as it is to my inner circle of mutuals. This is the Colophon Promise.

You could have seriously just said that everyone gets way into a form of Sikhism in the future and it develops from there and you would have been so much closer to something plausible than "Buddhism and Islam end up stitched together by a mad scientist following a car accident"

Let's see... it's about 10,000 years in the future... what's a suitably exotic religion? How about, and I'm just spitballing here, some fusion of two religions? Like, um... how about... Judeo... Christianity. Yes. "Judeo-Christianity," that sounds exotic and weird! I like it.

Oh my god Herbert's fantasy religion is "Buddhislam" split into "Zensunni, Zenshia, and Zensufi" sects.

I always try to keep my ironic sarcasm biting, witty, wry, tongue-in-cheek, and just for good measure, sardonic also

"Overall for my second movie ever I thought Dune was a radical and, frankly, a welcome departure from the tired old formula pioneered by Boss Baby"

the best way to take in dune is to watch that fucked up David Lynch movie

I did think it was weird that HBO Max required me to sign a legally binding document stating that my opinions on social issues henceforth line up exactly 1:1 with Frank Herbert's, but, I figured that was just standard boilerplate stuff

Radlibs: This is you. This is what you sound like. On the plus side, this is marginally better than, say, being a landlord who talks about land back, etc.

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Going to drop by the local gas station to give the attendant a piece of my mind for working for a problematic oil company. How dare he? Think about the oceans! Did you just watch something with a racist trope in it? Oh OK I see, you are a klan member, I see how it is. Wow, wow, now you're reading a book with a non-white character in it. Did you know that portrayal may not accurately reflect everything about their particular ethnic group or groups? You disgust me. Colonizer.

Scientists believe one day it may be possible to know and talk about media without completely endorsing every element of it, but just as with the completely hypothetical beast "critical support," this is merely speculative

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Dune... tch... everyone watching it must already know and completely endorse everything about it, even though it is Racist and Bad. This wicked world..........

@Colophonscrawl you're braver than the troops for this, thank u for you're service o7

One of these days colophon is going to do a bit bad enough to feature in dregday all on its own

I'm neutral about sand. If I were around it my whole life, I'd probably get used to it. Just brush it off. It could be worse.

Things people are saying about Colophon:

"i hate you!!!"
-- Morgan

"I don't get it, but I can feel the hate."
-- White locks defender

"Did I miss the sissy hypno dilbert?"
-- Julles

remembering that siddon-ee who reported their siddon-er for violence because the wrestling gif was uncwed

Please I beg of you mercy, my email is raw and exhausted. I can handle no more, all I feel now is pain, and a numbness in my heart where once love grew. Now all warmth and joy has fled from me. I beg of you, leave my inbox ( in peace!

As it's apparently only in use as the room in which Scott Adams has set up a litterbox for his cats, if we map the content of the giant Dilbert head to Scott Adams' head, as you can see here,

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