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New folks who are a few hundred posts or fewer into Mastodon: There are some unspoken or spoken tonal things to consider.

Edgy jokes need to punch up if you're going to be making them at all. "Ironic" punching down is going to go over like a lead balloon. Instances have died because the admin made comments like this.

Gage the situation before making a reply, especially to a stranger. When in doubt, don't give advice, corrections, or requests of specific people unless they are requested. Being overly chummy with people you are not familiar with may be taken as pestering. Random flirting is a quick way to get reported and largely shut out, even if it's "not serious."

CWs are your friend. Although there are times where they are egregious, and although CW requests specifically have been weaponized against primarily users of color (don't weaponize CW requests please), if it's lewd, rude, or food, better safe than sorry until you pick up on the general tone.

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If you are a member of a new wave of posters, I want to assure you that I will work hard to keep my content just as incomprehensible and alienating to you, the viewing public, as it is to my inner circle of mutuals. This is the Colophon Promise.

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Things people are saying about Colophon:

"It's too true, Colophon."
-- Sel

"Max fucker and max shagger energy is just who you are."
-- Julles

"If Colophon is Morgan, that means I'm Colophon."
-- esvrld

"Heretical, but interesting."
-- anonymous Illuminati satrap

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Personal meta PSA that I probably should pin at least for a bit: unless you are a reply guy I am in the middle of shitting on, I literally do not have either the short-term memory or the long-term memory be your enemy or to get personal. If I interact with you at all, chances are pretty high that I like you, or at the very least have nothing negative to say about you. If I criticize an action generally and you realize you have taken that action, the chances that it is personal are: 0%. There is a 0% chance that it was personal. There is a 0% chance that I have it in for you specifically as a person.

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@Colophonscrawl other strategies for replacing god: collecting dragon figurines, arranging socks, maintaining a flourishing fish tank, and those little cute birds that come with fake flowers sometimes.

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disguising myself as a tiny elderly street performer who asks to dance with people, then when those who accept my invitation least expect it, i will use all my strength and willpower to suplex them into an open drain hole so i can have them for dinner later in my sewer hideout

I'm so tired of playing
Playing with this bow and arrow
Gonna give diamonds away
Leave it to the other griefers to play
For I've been in gold armor too long

Give me a reason to mine you
Give me a reason to be on hardcore
I just wanna be on hardcore

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@ItsMorgan not much what's a colophon with you πŸ‘‰πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘‰

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@ItsMorgan you put it in the middle of a sentence, before you start a list or a new, independent but strongly related clause

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@Colophonscrawl @a_lizard my reaction is usually yearning for death's sweet embrace

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taking its toll on me,
blown up my house
too many times before
and my
dropping in front of me
and I have no choice
looks like I will be mining some more

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looks at this

sighs heavily

folks, i have bad news. covid-19's an anime boy now. i'm afraid if @FirstProgenitor starts kinning covid-19 we gotta take him out back because the rabies done got him good and proper

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Nanchuan saw the monks of the eastern and western halls fighting over a lizard. Seizing the lizard, he told the monks: β€œIf any of you can say a word of Zen, you will save the lizard.” No one answered. Nanchuan put the lizard on a cold rock. That evening Zhaozho returned to the monastery and Nanchuan told him what had happened. Zhaozho removed his CW, placed it on his profile, and walked out. Nanchuan said: β€œIf you had been there, you would have saved the lizard.”

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re: Things people are saying about Colophon, version 2 

@Colophonscrawl @bees @a_lizard @FirstProgenitor @Morgan i'm afraid i know the answer to that last one and my brain has decided "due to the quality of excellence of the shitposting, colophon is actually a contraction of colon and phonic,"

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defeating larry has unleashed my full potential in childrens party games

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pokemon evolution: catboy to catman to scatman

A monk asked, "Does a lizard have a Buddha-nature or not?"
The master said, "Not [Mu]!"

The monk said, "Above to all the Buddhas, below to the crawling bugs, all have Buddha-nature. Why is it that the lizard has not?"

The master said, "Because lizer has the nature of ectothermic delusions".

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