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If you are a member of a new wave of posters, I want to assure you that I will work hard to keep my content just as incomprehensible and alienating to you, the viewing public, as it is to my inner circle of mutuals. This is the Colophon Promise.

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Things people are saying about Colophon:

"It's too true, Colophon."
-- Sel

"Max fucker and max shagger energy is just who you are."
-- Julles

"If Colophon is Morgan, that means I'm Colophon."
-- esvrld

"Heretical, but interesting."
-- anonymous Illuminati satrap


thinking about altering the balance of power in the region

Oh right the start of that was from that Charles Manson bit that Death Grips played at the beginning of Beware, and not the Biden speech. I was wondering where I was getting it from. Oops. Sorry.

I looked at him and I said "Hey, Master Roshi, see here," and then I did the, I performed the kamehameha wave attack on an, at an island off in the distance and to give you an idea just, how much rubble there was and all sorts of splashing in the ocean, the whole frame seemed to shake. I think Master Roshi respected it.

I plan on performing the DBZ move "instant transmission" behind President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. during a live broadcast, and then... we will see whose training and fighting spirit shall prevail

You've heard of a wall street bailout, what about a paw street tailout?

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anyway we ended up getting into a fight of our own over it and, shocker, nobody called the cop, but it ended with her agreeing never to call the cops again, only after I had to graphically describe the worst-case scenario enough to make her break down at the thought of it, which wasn't even my intention, but it was clear she hadn't thought through the consequences of what the fuck she did. There's a lot more work to be done here, clearly, and it's not happening overnight, but I will be goddamned if I'm going to let that happen again.

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Yes I am a proponent of free speech, I believe I should be allowed to say "Mao makes me cum" without being subjected to Phil Greaves sending me to be de-germ theoried

When Mark Twain's wife recorded the number of times he said "need sloppy from a Marxist femboy baddie" among his buddies when playing cards and drinking, and then sat him down and read all of it back to him in a single sitting, he reportedly said "you have the words, my dear, but not the bussy."

Yugioh 5Gs, Xi Jinping shows up on a monocycle with a duel disk and tells me the heart of the cards is in trouble. I have the Marxlennium Puzzle that allows me to become possessed by the spirit of an ill-tempered German economist when in the presence of 5G cell towers. We go on a journey to Cairo as we defeat enemy stand users along the w

Thinking about gendering a representation of the nondual, thoughts inside (long) 

Lol sike tell me you didn't just actually fall for that

Aiding? That's cute, now let the big kids handle this. Watch how it's done: abets

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household tension is super fucking high right now and I do not give a single shit. You owe our neighbors something extremely nice to make up for the shit you did and I don't care how you feel about that.

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