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Also I've decided I have too many alts and not enough to use them for so I'm going to stop posting about Buddhism on this one and probably just start posting about it on Jumanji instead because to be totally honest I actually get way sick of seeing it on my own main, no offense (to myself) intended

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If you are a member of a new wave of posters, I want to assure you that I will work hard to keep my content just as incomprehensible and alienating to you, the viewing public, as it is to my inner circle of mutuals. This is the Colophon Promise.

He does say "it's Morbin' time!," it's in there, but the scene is somewhat rushed so you have to be watching for it carefully

These two can't help but act so well that every scene is so well done and just fucking hilarious at the same time

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Shadow of the Vampire is so fucking good, holy shit. I forgot how good this movie is. Willem Dafoe!! and! John Malkovich, in a vampire movie!! Good god!

King of Pentacles. Eater of Ass. Death... reversed? Oh. Oh wow. Oh you are going to have fun tonight. You know, the French call the orgasm "le petit mort," and in times like this,

if i draw exodia it's proof that my grandpas deck has no weak cards

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Hm... your love life... 3 of Pentacles, okay, I can see there's a strong component here so you will need a work-life balance... The Empress, it'll be a milf... The Fucked Up Bullshit, well ok this card has multiple potential meanings,

my accountant just said my Roth IRA balance was .... the tower reversed? is this good?

*flips over first tarot card* this represents your past earnings in the tax year of 2021 minus deductibles. *flips over second tarot card* this represents the tax credits you can claim. *flips over third tarot card* and this card represents the total income tax you'll have to pay next month

How many feelings would a feeling fact feel if a fact could in fact feel

I learn the best new fun facts by opening the worst CWs

It's my policy, if you accidentally get a like from an errant thumb press, you get to keep it. It's the Jay Leno rule

The thing about Mastodon is that if I told people half the shit that happens here I would not be believed

If you think the vape sound story was bad, wait until I tell you about what happens with a stake in the climactic final scenes in Morbius (2022)

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