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Things people are saying about Colophon:

"It's too true, Colophon."
-- Sel

"Max fucker and max shagger energy is just who you are."
-- Julles

"If Colophon is Morgan, that means I'm Colophon."
-- esvrld

"Heretical, but interesting."
-- anonymous Illuminati satrap

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The farther along I go, the more I catch myself thinking "Yisun was right"

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Personal meta PSA that I probably should pin at least for a bit: unless you are a reply guy I am in the middle of shitting on, I literally do not have either the short-term memory or the long-term memory be your enemy or to get personal. If I interact with you at all, chances are pretty high that I like you, or at the very least have nothing negative to say about you. If I criticize an action generally and you realize you have taken that action, the chances that it is personal are: 0%. There is a 0% chance that it was personal. There is a 0% chance that I have it in for you specifically as a person.

cw: extreme pig brutality and public brainwashing

re: Question about moving instances back and forth 

That is, there are follow requests again, not follows themselves. Anyway.

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Question about moving instances back and forth 

I moved followers from Snouts once, then I unmoved from Snouts to update something on my Snouts profile. I left it unmoved for a while and noticed a drop in follows from some unexpected places, but that was after meta stuff, so I couldn't be sure.

I just moved my account again since Snouts is gone, and there are follows again, but my question is, would unmoving also un-follow me for certain people whose follow came from the first move?

"Gee, what do you have there?"
"Chekhov's gun."
"Oh! Why?"
"Huh? Oh, it's just decorative. It's here for effect, don't worry."

I have no idea what's supposed to be happening in this movie, gonna be honest, so I have to conclude that my husband is right and it's basically just a series of episodic scenes from the book. I have no idea what to expect here. What am I watching.

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i think the most educational moment for me personally about the past 24 hours was learning that someone had gone around asking people to cw posts in spanish and if that doesn't sum up the attitude of some of you on this website i don't know what does

Watching The Devil All The Time with my husband, spoilers 

This escalates quickly, and doesn't make a ton of sense--or even a little bit of sense, thinking about it--but I admit this is funnier than I was expecting. "Cuck me or die!"

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re: Watching The Devil All The Time with my husband 

My husband says it's the author's voice, which, damn, what a voice

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Watching The Devil All The Time with my husband 

This whole opening seems like the start of a New Vegas DLC

40K Chaos bonus explainer, ceremonial magick theory 

For my part, I tend to prefer working with 40K Chaos Gods over archangels, given that they're very easily adapted to widely-practiced rituals such as LBRP variants, Middle Pillar, etc. Damien Echols claims he got much more immediate mileage out of performing the LBRP using Sumerian gods. This makes total sense if practice is thought of in terms of the performance of meaningful acts; Sumerian gods clearly have meaning for him. He talks a lot about practice in terms of energy, I tend to talk about it in terms of personal meaning and experience, but the mechanics are pretty much the same.

I suspect, then, that unless you are very taken by the 40K chaos gods, it may not be as effective for you as for me, but I'm saying from established practice that these do work, if you happen to be inclined that way.

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40K Chaos bonus explainer 

This is just in case it didn't immediately leap out, but with the exception of Nurgle as the Earth element, the three other Chaos gods' names function under the same mechanics as the names of archangels, with something like a domain or relevant element added onto a root morpheme meaning "Lord." In the case of archangel terms, this suffix -el means "of the Lord," referring to a single lord, whereas in 40K, each one counts as the referred-to Lord. With that said, you'll see when it's out how treating them as separate entities, while perfectly valid, ought to be done with an understanding of their relations to one another; it's not so simple as 40K's surface lore makes it seem.

401K? Jesus, I just got through analyzing the first 40, what the fuck do you want from me

during the 19th century, there were a number of breakaway churches in france founded by wandering bishops. one of these was the ecclesia gnostica catholica, whose three founders later conferred episcopal ordination and gave the leadership of the organisation to the german occultist and masonic theodor reuss

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reuss is better known as the founder of the pseudo-masonic ordo templi orientis

the ordo templi orientis would later come to recruit the then up-and-coming english occultist aleister crowley after he had independently stumbled on some of their initiated secrets in his 'book of lies'. reuss saw no choice but to bring him in. crowley, thru some manoeuvring, eventually became the leader of oto

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after crowley's death the succession of oto became a matter of dispute; the present head of the most widely acknowledged faction, the caliphate oto, and of the ecclesia gnostica catholica, is one hymenaeus beta, perhaps better known for his participation in psychic tv, current 93, and coil

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bringing this together, what it means is the ordo templi orientis, thru the egc, can lay a legitimate claim to apostolic succession, and coil had a bishop playing electric viola

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"They said they're going to sue me for 'defemmation' of character. Their character has been defemmed! It's butch now."

@a_lizard The twink
He destroyed his box
The twink is out

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