Amazon is getting desperate on Twitter and it's not a good look

They did a post like "do you really believe those peeing in bottles stories?" on someone's post--then one of their own employees leaked management reports about problems with finding "bottles of urine" and "bags of poop" on trucks after shifts.

Like, they are so fucked. Everyone hates them now, and if Bessemer succeeds (which is in no way assured tbh--both local government and management are engaging in a full blown pressure campaign) it will send a shock wave of unionization drives throughout the company


And this will be a huge service sector unionization win, probably the biggest since UPS in the 90's--this could be a template for the industry, which is seeing drives in multiple sectors from food and retail to programming. This could be a dam that breaks, especially if the PRO act passes (which could clear the way for workers oppressed by the gig industry and other companies that use the independent contractor scam [stares intensely at unionization drives bubbling within FedEx])

Service unionization 

The unionization wave of the 30s was huge and happened because it was easily repeatable across multiple manufacturing and construction industries.

But the service sector has resisted this for many reasons, one being a limit to profitability: you can make huge jumps in efficiency in manufacturing, but equivalent jumps in things like, say, nursing/caretaking and/or delivery services are much more difficult--there's only so fast you can treat patients or drive a delivery truck.

Hence, why you see shitty labor conditions in these industries; lowering labor costs per unit is the only sure way to increase profit, so employers try to hyperexploit their employees and resist wage increases at all costs.

The second reason is: most of these jobs can't be outsourced; ergo mass waves of service sector unionization are a terrifying prospect for the capitalist class. And that's why they've been waging a decades long campaign against service workers as "low skilled."

Service unionization 

@Catsandcatsandcats also it's hard to export or otherwise deal with overproduction in the service sector

Service unionization 

@Catsandcatsandcats can't use imperialism to create new markets for services, after all

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