Fox News already starting the whining over Biden revoking the keystone pipeline and arctic refuge permits (both good things)--crying about "11,000 jobs."

As someone who works in a field (pipefitting) relevant to these projects (though I would refuse to participate in those two projects), lemme tell you: the jobs numbers are always a crock of shit.

They always include jobs that are "indirectly created," meaning like people who work in services that provide for the workers locally, like say local food shops and so forth.

This is because the actual projects never create that many jobs, since prefabrication has made these type of jobs much, much less labor intensive, so they have to pad the numbers with theoretical jobs (that they have no way of proving will actually come about).

Its especially horseshit when you consider how quickly these jobs, or at least the most labor intensive portions, will be over


The true labor intensive projects we do are nuclear power plants. That's the only place I've ever seen a truly mind-boggling amount of workers, and there's a reason: nuclear power plants are heavily regulated; everything, down to a single pipe joint, has to be signed off on by an engineer. So you need shit loads of guys because of the purposefully-redundant safety measures. Which is a good thing.

But, along with all these traveling workers comes other shit: massive amounts of drugs, prostitution, and all manners of vices--I say this not in a classist way but as one of the workers who has heard--and seen photos from--the stories. The traveling fitter's life is a party hard environment (which makes sense when you have people working 7 12 hour days for months on end).

But, once the workers are gone, all of these services (which somehow I think aren't included in the job creation tally) disappear, along with the rest of the heightened economic activity.

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