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N͞o͞b͞o͞d͞y͞ g͞i͞v͞e͞s͞ m͞e͞ b͞u͞t͞t͞e͞r͞f͞l͞i͞e͞s͞ a͞n͞y͞m͞o͞r͞e͞, y͞aΝžβ€™ll g͞i͞v͞e͞ m͞e͞ b͞r͞a͞i͞n͞ d͞a͞m͞a͞g͞e͞.

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theres no law that says you cant fill up your sack with prosthetic nuts

prince phillip has been dead for 1 slutty slutty hour

must be hard to lose your husband and cousin at the same time πŸ˜”

He had so much left to give us... so sorry for your loss πŸͺ¦

sorry everyone, false alarm - updated reports now confirm that prince phillip is actually 'dead serious about going to itchy and scratchy land'

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