Imagine being a crab unburdened by worldly worries

"I'm Gay"
"I'm Ace"
"I'm Lesbian"

Well I'M going 1/10/3 Top Lane in League of Legends.

Alisaie when she releases the receipts on Alphinaud's europa universalis forums posts about race theory


@shade the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the egg

*Jhin voice* the garden... is BLOOMING!*

*we are getting new members

Going to add on to this to say, any of my followers who actually know me decently enough, follow my other one if you want non-buggy posts

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Hey, so this is probably going to be my bug of the day alt now so I can keep the serious stuff to a side account. I'll still use it as I see fit, just seeing if my brain can handle an alt lol

Communism is when I show you the really cool food I made and then eat it in front of you

bug of the day 

Today's bug of the day is the slug! Snails may be little bundles of love, but slugs took a different direction in life. They lost their shells and became pretentiously "enlightened". Slugs will go on and on about their supposed ascension from the material world, and yet they all secretly invest in cryptocurrency and have private food supplies. Frankly, slugs are frauds and the epitome of performative philosophy, and their title of bug is purely because they are cute. Thin ice, slugs

re: dysphoria, surgery 

@FirstProgenitor not that there isn't a lot of nuance to dysphoria or to imply that this is always the case, but it's honestly wild to me to think about how much of dysphoria is related to things people are taught to be ashamed of in their bodies. Like, I know some cis women with more hair than I have, I honestly don't have much at all, but a definite part of why I feel so insecure about even a little showing is how people clock it

I need all you homestuck people to tell me, is this league skin homestuck? I keep thinking it's homestuck but I don't know homestuck and I need to know if it's homestuck, please homestucks

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