seeing sovcit shit on forms i process is 1.) extremely funny 2.) making me glad my job is not customer-facing at all

look you can't just take a bunch of songs you couldn't think of endings for and staple them together and call it one big song

if they made a thumbpick shaped like a jazz 3 i could just ditch flatpicks altogether

dangit i was going to dunk on somebody for being a fool but they were enough of a fool to get defederated before i got the chance

it'll probably look like shit but i don't care i'm never shaving again

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i'm getting rid of my beard but instead of shaving i'm just going to buzz it down with my hair clippers

a fly keeps landing on my foot but it never hangs around long enough for me to swat the sumbitch

looney tunes: back in action is free on tubi, go watch that instead of space jam 2

You don’t hate Mondays, you hate Mon-dar, the Weekday Warlock, whose beastmen destroyed your village when you were a child.

i keep trying to do nioh dodge cancels and it's getting my ass kicked

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love to fire up my dark souls save and not remember what i was doing at all

i never did finish ringed city, i should do that

my favorite part of being hard of hearing is when you say "what" or "sorry i didn't hear that" or literally cup your fucking ear to hear someone better this will 0/10 times result in them speaking louder, clearer or slower

i love the b-movie trope of saying "look at that!" and pointing off screen and then cutting to stock footage

last time i played dark souls i beat artorias on my first attempt
they must've nerfed him in a patch

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