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i have decided on the basis of zero research and zero evidence that the crowning of the beatles as the Best Band Ever was cooked up in the mid-70s by white music journalists who were scared of stevie wonder

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i have to laugh when people say you get more conservative as you age because i'm 40 and my personal journey has been from "means testing? sounds reasonable i guess" to "this mao guy knows what's up"

imagine how big of a sicko you have to be to drink tomato juice and experience any feeling more positive than "this will ward off scurvy"

i wonder what % of any given bookstore's non-fiction section is nazi stuff

i love "dare to be stupid" far more than is reasonable for a novelty song by a guy with an accordion

like queen mcqueen all i need's a fast machine

i think a metroid, while extremely deadly would be pleasant to hug. the membrane looks squishy in a pleasing way

i have nothing against cinnamon as a spice but cinnamon candy just tastes like heartburn

i'm off on friday (and all next week) so i'll definitely be able to participate in this week
it's a movie i haven't seen yet too

the secret to getting girls is to show them pictures of your cat

i have no idea what makes this happen but this movie i'm watching has a problem where the edge of the frame keeps periodically lightening and it makes it looks like there's a lightswitch rave constantly going on just out of frame

i wonder what it was like to be a straight guy in the 60s and just lose your damn mind when you saw a bikini

finance the remake im producing with the intention to piss off white nerd bros that love bullshit from the 80s specifically. its called Themlins. nonbinary gremlins and also i took out the weird racism too

show-stopping high notes can fuck off, show-stopping low notes are the real king shit

watching a lo-fi low-budget movie can really get you into the mind of the creator, which is not so great when the creator is a white guy from the 80s

is "sandstorm" seriously from 1999
that can't be right

nothing like shitposting from the wrong account to make you think "actually yeah maybe not"

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