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my new years resolution for 2022: power through the awkwardness and get used to using fingerpicks

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i have decided on the basis of zero research and zero evidence that the crowning of the beatles as the Best Band Ever was cooked up in the mid-70s by white music journalists who were scared of stevie wonder

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i have to laugh when people say you get more conservative as you age because i'm 40 and my personal journey has been from "means testing? sounds reasonable i guess" to "this mao guy knows what's up"

i'm pretty confident i can point to iran on a map but i can't guarantee i wouldn't accidentally poke iraq or pakistan instead

i used to know a guy called "trap15"
that sounds really gross and bad but he actually was just such a turbonerd he named himself after a 68000 assembly code instruction

They were talking to the nasa chief planetary defense officer and he was like “don’t worry this asteroid was not aimed at earth and won’t be after this either” but what an incredible feat of supervillainy it would be if the second part of that was a lie

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what if it turned out the reason the chess guy was so calm was because of normal anal beads

we got all the dirt off the rug only to find that it was, in fact, dirt-colored

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this is a pretty ugly rug, i don't think it's really worth all the effort the guy's putting into cleaning it

i didn't know rug cleaning videos were even a thing until someone mentioned them the other day

i like rob zombie's movies but i can't reasonably disagree with anyone who thinks they suck

i don't understand why they changed the flashing taskbar icons in windows 10 to that little flashing light in windows 11
it seems like a straight downgrade? it's much less noticeable and doesn't solve any problem from windows 10 that i can think of

oh no carmen sandiego has stolen the concept of linear time

me: maybe i need to be an egyptian in the early 80s to understand this
*character on-screen throws a fit about how the movie makes no sense, another turns to the camera and says "think about it a bit and you'll get it"*
me: ok i guess that wouldn't help either

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the movie has taken a break from being a horror musical to spend about 20 minutes on "actually the real horror is capitalism"

interpol has not dispatched elite assassin Golgo 13 to hunt me down, please don't spread irresponsible rumors

now watching: Fangs (1981, dir. Mohammed Shebl)

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