*louie voice* i wanna dip my baaaaalls in it

instead of being weird fishmen you ought to be able to spot a tzimisce from how they hang dong to their knees

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why do mages always use flesh-sculpting magic to make horrible monsters and not to give themselves the biggest knockers you've ever seen

i can't believe you would call me a pervert just because i own a bunch of weird jess franco sex movies on blu-ray

i accidentally bought a steelcase 2-disc bluray of life force

i bought a huge bag of peanut butter m&ms anybody want some

not only am i the only cishet on monads i'm also apparently the only protestant

they might think you're a grandpa but they won't think you're a cop

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just get a town car, it's the same as a crown vic except with squishier seats

i'm listening to the kino lefter episode on the trial of the chicago 7
it's extremely depressing

i've literally never played mario world
maybe i should but meh

i never did get ending c or d of automata, i guess i should pick it back up once the patch drops

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