i am watching the alex jones defamation trial and they are showing a video of alex jones, on his show, slagging off the jury of the trial he is currently on

this is an image he put on his show, that is now being shown in court, that is a photoshopped image, of the judge presiding over the fucking trial

he tried to lie about his revenue but he had a guy text him how much profit he made every single fucking day and now those texts are evidence

lmao the defense filed an emergency motion to redact the shit they accidentally sent the prosecution and declare it a mistrial

prosecutor: "i am under request from various federal agencies and law enforcement to provide them with this data"

@ArachnoCommunist I don't know what's killing me more, "I don't use email" or them directing him around like a child

@RussellsBarbershopQuartet@monads.online @ArachnoCommunist@monads.online Alex said there were no texts about Sandy hook, and none were provided in discovery, but the prosecution found such texts in a phone dump the defense accidentally sent them

@RussellsBarbershopQuartet alex jones' lawyers accidentally sent the prosecution an entire copy of alex jones' phone, including every text message he's ever sent, and he has done very very very big perjury

@ArachnoCommunist @RussellsBarbershopQuartet just opened this to check it out and the chat is full of nazis so i'm just gonna get my updates secondhand i think

@umalkosh @RussellsBarbershopQuartet oh boy yeah i have extensions that mean i have not seen youtube comments or live chats in about a decade

@ArachnoCommunist it's really funny because that deconfirms what was, somehow, the best case scenario, which is that he released it on purpose and openly broke confidentiality and legal ethics because he had a conscience.

he really is just that incompetent

@ArachnoCommunist@monads.online @RussellsBarbershopQuartet@monads.online from the Wikipedia page I was reading it seems like this lawyer asked to be off the case and the judge said no lmao

@heartles @ArachnoCommunist imagine if you had surgery and the doctor not only was smoking a cigarette during surgery, but dropped it directly into your chest cavity and paused to take a selfie with the lit cigarette directly on your organs, which they posted on Instagram with the caption "lmao look at this guy's smokers lungs" and your own face fully visible along with your name and medical history on a nearby clipboard. that's the level of legal incompetence we're dealing with

@ArachnoCommunist yesterday i considered making a post saying 'alex jones attorney moves for a bad court thingy' but thought it would be a bit on the nose

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