All I have to say about urianger is that one day he will cum, once, and then start talking normally for the rest of the story

@ArachnoCommunist a loquacious protector... a volcel astrologian...

(every other astrologian is an incel, please consult class quest for details)

@ArachnoCommunist leeva is absolutely too focused on maintaining the legacy of her school and stopping jannequinard and/or that geomancer nerd from fucking to ever, under any circumstances, fuck

@ArachnoCommunist half of ishgard's eligible maidens and a quarter of its surviving young men inviting her to dine at their estates! and wisely she declines, to avoid what the stars have informed her are their inevitable attempts to assassinate her! jannequinard keeps on saying something about how in conjunction with the Bolus that particular sign means "the little death" and waggling his eyebrows but that eyebrow waggle has literally never meant anything good

@bryceyoungquist ok but I feel like she doesn't have enough interest in fucking to be an incel

Hypothesis: competent astrologians are volcel, incels foolishly believe this gives them an advantage, and they are wrong

@ArachnoCommunist i mean she'd like to, this is someone who is clearly as sexually pent-up as urianger is, its just that people are complicated and stupid and occasionally humor jannequinard, and therefore it is clearly better to focus her energies on the celestial instead. one day she is going to stutter out a request for someone to come to dinner with her and she will stop caring about the stars forever

fortunately jannequinard will, involuntarily, carry on the work

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