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manga rec list part 11 

SKIP TO LOAFER: cute school slice of life about a girl and the bad bitch she pulls by being autistic. it's getting an anime soon and i'm v excited

RURI DRAGON: one morning a girl grows horns and then accidentally sets fire to her classmate. turns out she's half dragon. extremely wholesome

LUCIFER AND THE BISCUIT HAMMER: a giant hammer hangs in the sky and threatens to destroy the world. the princess of earth, in rebellion against this force, decides to destroy the world for herself first. made me cry for reasons i don't fully understand

SPIRIT CIRCLE: same author as biscuit hammer, somehow even weirder. also made me cry

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nngghhh i'm a thirsty little bear trap you have to water me (you have to use your blood)

"By taking readers on a deep dive into the way government measures economic well-being, they demonstrate that our official statistics dramatically overstate inequality." :jerry:

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"Income inequality is lower today than at any time in post-World War II America." :NotLikeThis:

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malenia of the scarlet rot has every STI but is probably still a smash

ffxiv-2: stormblood 

cirina and sadu are both so fucking good

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kids these days don't understand you need both a source of ignition and and an accelerant, you can't just burn down a building with a box of matches

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most crimes are not solved, and any clever, convoluted corpse disposal method you've heard of you've heard of because the corpse-producer got caught. the best thing to do with any kind of act you don't want to get caught doing is to keep it simple so there's as little room for mistakes or surprises as possible. there's no need to prepare against csi-ass forensic science methods — and forensic science for the most part doesn't work & is only used to manufacture evidence to convict someone the cops already decided is guilty — if noöne ever finds the corpse

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if you have a corpse you need to get rid of a corpse, my recommendation is lye and hot water. don't do it at home, don't use your bathtub, and bury the residue someplace that's not your yard

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horsefucker thicc said im allowed to kill people now

i am a firm believer in eating what you kill. that's why i believe murder should be legalised but cannibalism made mandatory

definitely didn't just teach a bunch of kids how to do arson

one of the things i most enjoy doing is telling barefaced lies to my friends

social media account password: PSzmJVC8JA67SHr

online banking account password: myass001

Watching tiktoks out loud in public should be punishable by death

on tonight's episode of monads: the monads do third impact. meanwhile, sony puts morbius in theaters again

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