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manga rec list part 10 

SEE YOU AT THE FOOD COURT TOMORROW: slice of life about two girls who meet up after school. cute and interesting art style, surprisingly funny gremlin antics

EVEN IF THE WORLD IS OVER, IT'S FUN TO LIVE: journey through an extremely cool post apocalyptic setting, the inherent horror of What If Small Things Big

VICTORIA'S ELECTRIC COFFIN: 13 year old medical genius Dr Victoria Frankenstein resurrects death row inmate and makes him run errands. good art and weirdly wholesome.

INTERVIEWS WITH MONSTER GIRLS: this one had an anime adaptation a while ago but the manga is also v good

TRYING OUT MARRIAGE WITH MY FEMALE FRIEND: theyre j. just gals bein pals,,

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nngghhh i'm a thirsty little bear trap you have to water me (you have to use your blood)

yeah babe youre a strong little cis boy i know just keep looking at the screen kitten

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yeah babe dont worry you immunized yourself to being transed. you're a strong little cis boy and im proud of you. anyway did you see the gif i sent you over discord


'ma'am i asked you if you wanted fries with your order'


'ma'am unless you vacate the drive-thru i will have to call the police'


noöne asked bud. you either have a fetish or some soul-searching to do. either way do it on your own time

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me voice im holed up in the Cis bunker. I'm not going to be trans.

@geesehoward gonna have a cis one

no one is gonna forcibly change my gender

not gonna trans

~ouuooouuhhh trans people are only 0.000304% of the population~ not for long bitch better get used to it

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@IceWolf Transness is absolutely 'contagious' in that to be publicly trans acts as a social proof that to be trans is possible. Every out trans person makes it easier for others to be trans, and that's good, so you are only "forced" to come to the conclusion that being trans is possible

The transes infected me with a "They" pronoun, and I've been fighting ever since, desperately trying to hold onto the "him" on the other side of the /

The struggle... is so real...

my bussy itches (camera moves in for a closeup as the act takes a serious turn) for the destruction of the united states and the execution of its ruling class

haha yeah i guess you could say i'm feeling pretty normal right now *grabs you with my teeth and shakes you apart into bloody flesh ribbons*

if you're trying to argue that trans people are tolerable because their transness isn't contagious then please consider 1) yes it is and 2) that's a good thing

I do mean it about transness being contagious btw. being around trans people makes people think about their own gender

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burn America to the ground salt the earth kill every single member of its political class turn the skulls of CEOs into novelty mugs

I genuinely have never seen so many people hateful towards the Democrats as i have since the Roe news dropped

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it's too much to hope that this sheer incompetence would lead to the collapse of that evil institution but god i can only hope

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