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whenever i get a follow request i either accept or block. you get one chance motherfucker, better make it count

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the difference between my jorts account and this one is that i've blocked notifications from people i don't follow on here because i literally could not care less what you have to say to me

Angry Man Explains Fascism to Adventurers as they Infiltrate his Stronghold Cringe Compilation - 6 Hours [Nightcore Remix]


i bet this mf doesnt even use the pussy eating fork

SuperDimensional Battleship Nidhogg Turbo: Mechanized Cavalry on Ice

Mr. President, thank you for agreeing to discuss this important topic with me. recently many voters, on both sides of the aisle, have become aware of and disturbed by several social media posts you made in the middle 2010s where you started that your interest in human pets was "not a sex thing". Do you stand by this statement?

i use folx instead of folks because im trying to destroy the english language as an institution

Mr. Mime is famously the only first-gen Pokémon who watches hentai

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oh what, you have to live with your adult offspring? that sucks, if only that had been a normal and accepted reality for all of human history or something

There is a direct line of events between someone bombing a horse in the 1980s and me, today, *slightly* lying to my relatives about what my name is.

When I design a bathroom I am *absolutely* going to include the blood sprinklers from Blade

now im thinking about the holy terror that is moose

did you know that when french fur trappers first got to canada they were like "man the natives here must be stupid or something, why dont you ride the moose like horses, god do we have to do everything around here" and the indigenous folks were just kinda like "yeah yknow what. great idea. you should go and try that, actually. tell us how it goes."

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BTFoing the great great great .... grand niece of Jesus Christ online

ngl i have tricked myself with this bit multiple times in the last 24 hours

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