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My posting style can be best described as 'if I can't sleep, neither will anyone else'

ever seen how bāguà zhǎng practitioners walk? they walk like this: (walks in a circle)

do bāguà zhǎng masters circle up

bugs bunny: alpha male
daffy duck: sigma male
elmer fudd: omega male
hope this helps

@ mods, i would love getting screenshots whenever im reported i think it would be fun

i don't get diap outs in my mentions i need some validation that the right people hate me

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chess meta 

so uh. anyone know how the horse moves

as i understand it, the reformation happened because the pope cheated at chess

Chaffwork: @Spooky4Gorgon I watched ur video and now I'm a catgirl, what did u do?????

posting with the stated intention to get reported for christianphobia or whatever the fuck you call it

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my pussy is the sack in which i keep my tiles. give it a jiggle. dig in to the treasure trove and see what you can spell, no peeking, mind

all my bones are metal now, just like the termination from the film robocopter. i miss the 70s

as a member of an abrahamic religion, i believe that god is either one or three, that other people should or should not be converted to my religion, and that muhammad either is or is not the prophet of god

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