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nngghhh i'm a thirsty little bear trap you have to water me (you have to use your blood)

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My posting style can be best described as 'if I can't sleep, neither will anyone else'

me: please genshin, let me pull a healer so i don't have to eat 98 food items per day

genshin: here's another polearm sub DPS lmao

oh yeah i tried doing the special 10 wishes and i got raiden shogun and the crow lady and i have no idea whether that's lucky or not

if God isn't gay why does he keep filling me with piss

i relate to software because i too stop working for completely mysterious reasons and am full of completely unhelpful errors

the bleach wiki has this picture captioned 'unohana's appearance while bloodthirsty' and. that's not what it looks like to me

today in ffxiv: I did nothing except stand outside the FC house next to my wife under an umbrella for 12 hours being gay

i have handcuffed myself to laura loomer's door and will piss her pants if she does not bite it

i guess machine learning researchers are complaining that machine generated content is throwing off their training corpus and i'm laughing my ass off

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