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anyway i don't have screenshots to use but here's my character sheet

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My posting style can be best described as 'if I can't sleep, neither will anyone else'

bug of the day 

Today's bug of the day is the honey bee! Producers of the world's worst lubricant, bees are typically associated with buzzing, pain, and sweetness. They also manage to be incredibly sexist despite having an entirely trans population. Do better, bees...

ec no selfie (i am making eye contact at you from here, but there is no picture of it attached)

a monad is when there's one of something. a dialectic is when there's two of something. research continues on whether there are more numbers

if the new job really does use a scythe I'll eat my cock

It's been over a month and I'm still vibrating over the reaper job

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a drone piloted by smolbean dot club caught this aerial shot of the monads mansion just before being shot down...

the best thing about GMing is that you can take fears like these and inflict them on your players

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The drink water self care movement is a psyop by big piss to generate more piss

i am without doubt the most dry-pussied person on here

I say "I don't think I'd suck my own dick even if I could" a lot for someone who has absolutely sucked their own toes.

I c a n n o t believe that this post was not more relatable. How dare this horror slither out of my brain at 4am when I couldn't sleep and n o t get me internet points, smdh.

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its been 6 months and im still obsessed over chainsaw man

establishing an interfaith working group to figure out what we're gonna do about the catholics

The scam caller threatens to send the police around and I say well they can't arrest me twice in one week, that's just excessive. First the drug raid, now the tax fraud, what next? The bodies I've dumped in the local pond?

... Now I didn't say they were human bodies. They're actually frogs. And they're alive and well. Well, as well as you can be when you're a frog and stuffed with little baggies of meth. See, it's all part of the new distribution scheme, because like, getting out in nature is good for your mental health and all that, so the customers right, they're on their walk and they go to the Meth Frog, take out a little baggy and put the money back in. It's like an honesty box system. But with frogs.

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