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nngghhh i'm a thirsty little bear trap you have to water me (you have to use your blood)

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My posting style can be best described as 'if I can't sleep, neither will anyone else'

Scott Adams is one of the most easily riled-up people in the country. His life is ceaseless damage control. "No, you see, I am the calm one, I am stupid like a fox," he repeats as 98% of what he talks about are times when other people called him a massive dork

Members of the Monads mod mindset crew have talked to me about some of my recent posts and in light of that, I want to apologize. I never intended to extend personhood to Scott Adams, even accidentally. I will be more careful in the future to phrase things properly.

ahhh thanks roko's basilisk, that was some great head you gave me. uh, you can stop sucking now basilisk. basilisk? please stop sucking. please s

thinking about how a dm from delta made melissa so distraught she had to pray in the vc

My god, they're eating each other! CW for cartoon needles, Ben Garrison, Scott Adams, Fauci Hypno, cartoonist infighting, long image description

You see Mr. Bond, rather than stealing the crown jewels I have minted an NFT of them, thus creating a non-fungible receipt that I can trade on the open market. What? Well no, the jewels are still in the vault- no, the owner of the NFT can't actually take them, but it's a public record you see. Recorded on the blockchain. Here, let me pull up a YouTube video that explains it, wait right here

technophile69: lol it's just the catgirl memetic vid, nice try fuckass I'm already a catgirl

"what if there was a creature that was made happier by killing and eating you than you would be unhappy dying"

this is a bear

anyway what are the chances that someone has already drawn porn of the crypto island coin mascot

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oh i have missed seeing the Silicon Valley Delenda Est tag on my tumblr dash

found the perfect soundtrack to steal for west marches game music and i can only hope to god no one recognises where it's from

i love that glitch soc compresses posts. i don't even need to read the rest of the post

solid snake: piss, huh

mei ling: snake, there's an old proverb, 'the man who pisses where he sleeps will always sleep warm'

solid snake: i'll keep that in mind

Becoming the biggest nerd on the block by inventing Trialectics.

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